School Workshops

Mindfulness in Learning

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At Mindful Space, we recognise the transformative power of mindfulness in enhancing focus, resilience, and emotional intelligence within educational settings.

Our suite of educational workshops is designed to weave mindfulness into the fabric of school life, benefiting students, teachers, and parents alike. Through our specialised programs, we aim to equip the next generation and their educators with tools for mindful living and learning, fostering environments where everyone can thrive.

For schools committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, our workshops offer innovative strategies to integrate mindfulness into daily routines, classrooms, and home life.

By partnering with us, schools take a proactive step towards creating supportive, engaged, and compassionate communities, where mindful practices are the cornerstone of both personal development and academic excellence.

Empowering Student Success

Cultivate Resilient and Mindful Learners

Our "Empowering Student Success" program is meticulously crafted for educational institutions aiming to enrich their students' academic and personal growth.

By integrating mindfulness into the student experience, we promote enhanced focus, emotional regulation, and creativity.

Our workshops are designed to equip students with the tools they need for academic success and personal well-being, preparing them to navigate both school life and beyond with resilience and mindfulness.

Focus & Resilience Workshops

Engage students with mindfulness practices that enhance concentration and adaptability.

Creative Mindfulness

Introduce techniques like mindful journaling and eating to nurture creativity and healthy habits.

Energetic Harmony

Utilise mindful movement and stretching to balance energy levels and promote physical well-being.

Peaceful Play

Teach the art of mindful playing and resting, crucial for emotional balance and stress management.

Mindful Classroom Techniques

Unveil clarity and focus through impactful intention-setting practices.

Subject Integration

Explore methods to teach English, Mathematics, and other core subjects through sensory and kinaesthetic learning, enriching the educational experience.

Emotional Support Strategies

Equip teachers with mindfulness tools to support students' emotional and psychological well-being.

Enhancing Educational Excellence

Cultivate Resilient and Mindful Learners

MindfulSpace offers professional development workshops for educators seeking to integrate mindfulness into their teaching practices.

These sessions provide practical strategies for creating more engaging, empathetic, and effective learning environments.

Learn to leverage mindfulness to enhance student engagement, support diverse learning needs, and foster a classroom atmosphere conducive to exploration and growth.

Our workshops are an investment in your faculty's professional growth and your institution's commitment to holistic education.

Mindful Parenting Partnership

Strengthen Home-School Connections

Supporting schools in extending mindfulness practices beyond the classroom and into students' homes.

We offer workshops for parents that align with your institution's educational goals, fostering consistency in students' learning environments.

By empowering parents with tools for mindful communication, emotional regulation, and supportive decision-making, we reinforce the school's efforts in nurturing well-rounded, resilient students.

Co-Regulation Skills

Guide parents on managing their reactions and emotions in challenging parenting moments.

Understanding & Connection

Provide strategies for deeper emotional understanding and connection with children, emphasising mindful communication.

Empowered Decision Making

Teach parents how to foster independence and thoughtful decision-making in children through the "power ball" technique.

Positive and Respectful Discipline

My First Skool (Jurong West)

Teacher and Parent Workshop

April 2022



"We recently engaged Mindful Space for a mini workshop for preschool parents and educators on how we can have some learning about children’s different temperaments and strategies in helping adults to understand the little world of our young children.

Through the workshop, many relevant examples and practical strategies were shared that enlightened the way we possibly can use to handle young children in their melt downs. We appreciate the the knowledge sharing from the speaker, Ms Vernessa, who is patient and interactive in answering the queries both parents and educators may have.

We certainly we would consider for more session in time to come! :)) We have tried some of the strategies and now we also seen some little improvement of the little ones. Thank you! :)”

Positive and Respectful Discipline for Young Children

My First Skool (Ang Mo Kio)

Teacher and Parent Workshop

September 2020



I love the opening analogy that Vernessa gave for “Respectful and Positive Discipline for Toddlers”. It was simple but yet straight to the point. Vernessa was also very warm and shared plenty of information that was beneficial to both the parents and my teachers.

In light of the current situation, her sharing had helped us to relook on how can we reinforce positive discipline with the children.