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At Mindful Space, we believe in empowering both children and parents through mindful learning and play. Our sanctuary is more than just a space; it's a community where growth, well-being, and exploration flourish.

With a foundation built on fun-play and movement, we harness the power of mindfulness to transform lives, nurturing leaders of tomorrow with empathy and kindness.

Our Mission

In today's fast-paced world, finding a balanced, connected, and purposeful way of learning and living can be challenging. Mindful Space seeks to bridge this gap, providing a sanctuary where parents and children can engage in meaningful experiences that foster deep connections and personal growth.

Our mission is twofold: to create a supportive community where learning is joyous and explorative, and to cultivate an atmosphere where the well-being of our families is prioritised.

We envision a community where individuals are empowered to explore their potential in a supportive and inclusive environment.

By integrating mindfulness into every aspect of our offerings, from yoga to gardening and creative workshops, we aim to equip our members with the skills to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. Our approach encourages a deeper understanding of oneself and others, fostering a culture of kindness, understanding, and mutual support.

Our Values and Approach

Mindful Space is built on a foundation of core values that inform everything we do. Our approach to learning and community engagement is holistic, aiming not just to educate but to inspire and connect on a deeper level. Here, we emphasise the importance of;

Holistic Well-Being

Supporting the growth of mind, body, emotions, and social intelligence.

Knowledge & Skills

Building a community that advocates for proactive, positive, and respectful parenting and teaching.

Bonding & Learning

Encouraging learning and bonding through play from early childhood into teen years, nurturing resilience, empathy, and self-esteem.

Core Values


Fostering a love for learning and exploration, both internally and in the world around us.


Cultivating self-esteem, resilience, and the courage to embrace challenges.


Practicing kindness and empathy towards oneself and others, recognising our shared humanity.


Deepening our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.


Pursuing mental clarity and emotional intelligence through mindfulness and reflection.


Encouraging creative expression as a pathway to understanding and growth.

Vernessa Chuah

Combining over 17 years of educational expertise with a heartfelt passion for family wellness, the founder of Mindful Space is driven by her experiences as an educator, mother, and mindful parenting advocate.

Her vision shapes Mindful Space into a nurturing environment that fosters positive change, deep connections, and meaningful experiences for families and educators alike.

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Our Team of Educators

Founded on the principles of holistic education and inclusive well-being, Mindful Space has grown under the vision of Vernessa Chuah and her dedicated team of educators. Together, we've created a nurturing environment that celebrates every individual's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

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Recent Awards & Features

Our innovative approach to mindful education has been recognised by leading publications, reflecting our impact and dedication to making a difference in the lives of our community members.

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