Privacy Policy

Last Revised: July 2020

Mindful Space is committed to the protection of your privacy, ensuring as far as possible the confidentiality of your Personal Data.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that your Personal Data remains accurate, complete and up-to-date. Please keep us informed when there are changes to you Personal Data.

Personal Data Collection

We collect various information to advise and provide the most relevant services (eg. children’s classes, workshops, yoga classes). We may collect either directly from you, your authorised representatives or from third parties.

Personal Data collected by us may include:

  • name, email address, your nationality, marital status, contact number/s, home or work areas with or without detailed addresses, work and personal schedule
  • company name
  • passport/visa/ticket info
  • payment information
  • date of birth of you and your child
  • you or your children’s challenges in school or personal life, injuries, physical/mental/emotional difficulties
  • any other information derived from your interaction with our staff and our trainers/teachers, website, surveys and social media platforms

Online webinars

  • We may host talks, events, seminars and various programmes via online platforms such as zoom.
  • The sessions will be recorded for purposes such as editing segments for marketing, reviewing of quality by trainers and Mindful Space.
  • Recording of participants will not be done during the therapy segments for sessions eg. Trauma Release Exercise

By interacting with us and submitting information to us, or signing up for our services, you agree and consent to our collection and use of the above Personal Data.

We use your Personal Data to:

  • verify your identity and status eg. Yoga Traveller Pass
  • advise you of the most suitable yoga classes/packages for your current needs
  • advise the most age-appropriate children’s classes
  • advise strategies for you and your child to have a more fulfilling bonding experience
  • recommend other services from Mindful Space and beyond, that would value-add to our current offerings
  • better answer various enquiries using whichever data is provided (eg. Location/travelling time based on your address/living area)
  • process class registration and payments for your purchases
  • help us improve our customer service and backend operations, quality control via analysis and research
  • keep you updated of our future promos
  • alert you of classes of your interest
  • stay in contact with you to remain a source of support during your parenting journey

Communication with you

We may contact you via email, WhatsApp, voice call or SMS.


  • Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your browser, as a visitor to any website.
  • We use cookies to help us improve our services and enhance our website’s features and applications, so that we may support you as many ways as we can.
  • You have the choice to get alerted of cookies or to turn off all cookies, through your browser settings. Disabling cookies may affect some features on the site.

Privacy policy changes

We may update our privacy policy from time to time. If you choose to continue your classes (or take up new workshops), it means you accept the changes.