Studio One

Discover Studio One, a 520 sq ft dynamic space equipped for a diverse range of activities from yoga to sound healing and workshops.

Featuring air conditioning, a professional sound system, acoustic treatments, and versatile lighting, it's designed to cater to any event.

The studio includes high-quality GabroSport Flooring, a projector, whiteboard, and essential yoga accessories, making it perfect for fitness, educational, and wellness events.


  • Spacious 520 sq ft layout
  • Air conditioning and soundproofing
  • Professional sound system and acoustic panels
  • Optional wall mirrors, projector, and whiteboard
  • Equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, straps, and blocks

Ideal For

  • Yoga, Aerial, Martial Arts, and Dance
  • Wellness, Mindfulness, and Meditation sessions
  • Workshops, Online Content Creation, and Movie Nights
  • Photo & Video Shoots

Setting Options

  • 15 yoga mats or 12 aerial hammocks
  • 35 adult chairs with flip tables or 24 children chairs
  • Up to 40 people seated on the floor
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Studio Two

Studio Two, our intimate 265 sq ft parent-child space, is designed with love and passion to foster shared experiences and growth.

Equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, a sound system, and acoustic treatments, it offers a comfortable and versatile setting for a variety of workshops and events.

With GabroSport Flooring, a TV, and a flipchart, plus essential yoga accessories, it’s an ideal environment for activities that enrich both mind and body.


  • Compact and versatile 265 sq ft space
  • Climate-controlled with soundproofing for privacy
  • Equipped with a high-quality sound system and acoustic panels
  • TV and flipchart for interactive sessions
  • Includes yoga mats, bolsters, straps, and blocks

Ideal For

  • Well-Being and Mindfulness Sessions
  • Yoga and Martial Arts Classes
  • Dance and Movement Workshops
  • Meditation and Tension Release Exercises (TRE)
  • Somatic Practices and Sound Healing
  • Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Spa & Massage Therapy
  • Coaching, Counselling, and Therapy Sessions
  • Music & Sound Production, Online Content Creation
  • Movie Nights, Photo & Video Shoots, Interviews

Setting Options

  • Fits 7 yoga mats for intimate group sessions
  • 12-15 adult chairs with flip tables for workshops
  • 20 children chairs for younger participants
  • Up to 20 people seated on the floor for larger gatherings
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Coaching & Therapy Room

Perfect for one-on-one or small group sessions, this space features air conditioning, soundproofing, and natural sunlight to create a comfortable and serene setting, designed for privacy and focus.

With versatile furnishings and a portable massage bed, it's ideal for therapy, coaching, and wellness activities.


  • Size: 117 sq ft (4425mm x 2450mm)
  • Air-conditioned and soundproofed for comfort
  • Durable GabroSport Flooring
  • Equipped with a whiteboard for presentations
  • Training chairs and a portable massage bed included

Setting Options

  • Up to 3 yoga mats for intimate sessions
  • 1 massage bed for therapy and relaxation
  • 6 chairs with flip tables for seminars or meetings
  • Space for 10 people seating on the floor for workshops or group activities
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Ideal for outdoor yoga sessions, meditation classes, wellness workshops, and any event that benefits from the beauty and calm of nature, our Garden Area invites you to breathe deeply and connect with the earth.

The garden's natural beauty and tranquil ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for mindfulness activities, outdoor fitness classes, or simply a peaceful retreat from the everyday.

With flexible seating arrangements and the gentle sounds of nature, it’s an inviting space for all ages to learn, grow, and find peace.

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Studio by the Sea


  • Size: 580 sq ft (10500mm x 5130mm)
  • Air-conditioned
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Equipped with a whiteboard and projector for presentations

Setting Options

  • 10-20 yoga mats
  • 40 adult chairs with flip tables
  • Up to 50 pax free seating on floor
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Frequently Asked Qustions

Can I walk-in to view the space?

We are a boutique studio, strictly by appointment only.

Make an appointment at to visit the space and go through our policies (pre-requisite to renting the space). It’s important to see if we are both aligned and can support each other’s intentions.

What can the studios and coaching room be used for?


  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga, Aerial
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Tension Release Exercises (TRE)
  • Somatic
  • Sound Healing
  • Chiro & Osteopath
  • Spa & Massage


  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Music & Sound Production
  • Online Video Recording
  • Movie Night
  • Photo & Videoshoot
  • Interview
  • Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Creative Arts Psychotherapy


  • Embroidery
  • Letter Brushing & Calligraphy
  • Flower Arrangement
What are the size of the rooms?
  • Studio One: 525sqft
  • Studio Two: 265sqft
  • Coaching/Therapy Room: 117sqft
  • Studio by the Sea: 580sqft
What are the rates?

Please download studio brochure for rates, fittings and policies

Is there a mirror available?

Only Newton Studio One has a mirror

Is there a lift in the building?

Yes, there is a lift and carpark at both Newton and Changi space

Download instructions here

Do you have a sound system?

Our studios are equipped with acoustic panels, sound diffuser, sound system and soundproofing door. Sound travels & vibrates with a difference in this space.

Do you have a projector / TV?
  • Studio One has a projector with soundbar (Chrome Cast and Apple TV)
  • Studio Two has a TV with sound system (Chrome Cast)
Can I wear my dance/sports shoes?

Oops, we keep the place as clean as we can (we have kids crawling here). Hence, we have strict no-shoe policies.

Can I consume food and drinks inside the studio rooms?

Strictly no food and flavoured drinks inside the studio as the walls are equipped with acoustic fabrics and the flooring are delicate. Cleaning/Repair/Replacement fees may be imposed for stains or damage to fixtures (eg. acoustic panels/ shock absorbent floor/projector/speaker/mirror), equipment/electronics, furniture, workshop items, yoga mats/props, massage bed and any other items within the centre.

Will the studio help me promote on your notice board or social media?

Our identity is a parent and child space and it’s important we keep our branding aligned to our vision. We only promote Mindful Space activities (not the renter’s activities in the space).

My participants can wait at the reception area?

The reception area is a holding space for the children/participants currently in class. Parents need to wait outside of the studio (pick up and drop off only).

The reception area is not a waiting room. We keep the space quiet to be respectful of volume and minimise disruption to the classes inside.

For adult activities (eg: yoga, sound healing, support groups, therapy), the participants need to wait outside the studio (not reception) until the practitioner is ready to usher them directly into the room for their activity.

I am having art and craft, anything I should be aware of?

No blue tags, glitters and slime. Damage/stain to the acoustic panel cost $250 per panel to replace. We keep the space clean so that everyone can enjoy the space better.

Anyone to help me set up and clean up?

This is a shared space with shared responsibility. You are responsible for your own set-up, and return the room to its original state before leaving.

  • Sanitising all the items used (chairs, tables, mats)
  • Sanitising high touchpoints (knobs and switches)
  • Dry mopping the floors
  • Ventilate the room
  • Switch off the airconditioner and lights
Anyone at the reception to help me?

You are responsible to greet and usher your own customers.

Is there a space we can chat?

We hold the reception area for the children who need emotional space. Chatting at the reception might affect the classes inside the room and energy at the reception.
Parents and non-participants can wait outside the corridor; we have an open library and sharing benches.
Alternatively, you can chat with a coffee or tea at The Malayan Council Restaurant downstairs (2mins walk).

For practitioners, please keep your session inside the room. Let’s be respectful to the others; no gathering at the reception area.

What are the house rules?
  1. 15min set up and 15min pack up time (grace period).
  2. Use all equipment and remote controls with care. Should any item (furnishings, yoga props etc) be found to be damaged, renters would be notified for replacement or reimbursement.
  3. Keep the sessions contained within the studios.
  4. Adult supervision required at all times for children classes.
  5. Return all yoga props into original place after use.
  6. Wipe down used mats with the provided disinfectant and cloth.
  7. Cleansing of energy to respect the space after class.
  8. Spray the props, high touch areas and equipment used (eg:  yoga mat, bolster, blocks, straps, balls, switches, knobs) with the provided disinfectant.
  9. Keep the place neat and clean at all times. Clear the bin in studio.
  10. Strictly no food and flavoured beverage in Studio One and Studio Two.
  11. Cleaning/Repair/Replacement fees may be imposed for stains or damage to fixtures (eg. acoustic panels/ shock absorbent floor/projector/speaker/mirror), equipment/electronics, furniture, workshop items, yoga mats/props, massage bed and any other items within the centre.
  12. Bring your own flipchart papers, essential oils.
  13. Avoid pasting or sticking any materials/papers on the walls, acoustic panels or doors. Only designated whiteboard area is allowed. Strictly no “blue tags” on acoustic panels, only masking tape.
  14. No glitters or slime allowed.
  15. Turn off the lights, aircond and projector before leaving the studio.
  16. Arrange your own assistant or yourself to greet and usher your participants (nobody at the reception)
  17. All participants are required to wash their hands before entry (washing hands has been safer than sanitising)
  18. Massage bed available at $5 per rental. Bring your own massage bedsheet and towel.
  19. Strictly no opening of another studio/room doors that you did not book in for.
  20. Studios must not be used for any religious, political, discriminatory or unlawful purposes, misaligned with Mindful Space’s values.
  21. Mindful Space accepts no liability for any injury or illnesses that occur to participants during the time of rental.
  22. Mindful Space is not responsible for any loss of personal items.
  23. Cancellation with penalties would be imposed by Mindful Space if there is found to be a misrepresentation of the activities after booking, or if our T&Cs are violated. Admission will be refused if your activity is non-compliant with the Singapore authorities regulations. In such cases, no refund will be provided.
  24. Refer to centre guidelines on our website for other relevant information.
Are tables and chairs provided?

We are happy to share what we have. The practitioners are expected to take care of the items. It is on a first come first serve basis.

After Session
  1. Open doors/windows for natural ventilation of the rooms
  2. Clean switches, knobs and floor after each session with our wipes and sanitisers
  3. Bring trash out to bin downstairs
  4. Switch off lights and air conditioner​
How do I book?

Make an appointment at
to visit the space and go through our policies (pre-requisite to renting the space). It’s important to see if we are both aligned and can support each other’s intentions.

1. nature of business
2. activity
3. number of pax
4. set up required
5. frequency (weekly, monthly, ad-hoc or once-off)
6. proposed time and date
7. Mask-on event?

What is the cancellation policy?
  • 100% refund for cancellation 30 working days or more, before start of booked date.
  • 70% refund for cancellation 14 working days or more, before start of booked date.
  • 50% refund for cancellation 7 working days or more, before start of booked date.
  • Refunds not applicable for cancellation less than 7 working days before start of booked date
  • ​Rescheduling is considered as cancelling the current session and booking in a new session.
I would like to pay on the booking day?

Full payment is required beforehand to secure the booking.
We do not reserve slots.

For more information, download studio brochure

About the Space

Clean Space and Air

A mist diffuser is provided free of charge, and you may bring your own antiseptic/relaxing/energizing essential oils for use.

Both the studios come with the option to leave the doors open and aircon off, allowing natural ventilation.

Conducive Space

The larger studio with clear acoustics and spacious flooring, are highly suited for small group practices, whether for vocal, dance, theatre or various performing arts.

Music and sound play beautifully in our studios, equipped with acoustic walls and doors (STC 45) with additional acoustic wall panels and sound diffusers on the ceiling.

Our GabroSport flooring comes with sports and protective benefits, designed to be comfortable with excellent shock absorption for joint and cartilage protection. Ideal for footwork.

The wall mirror is available for use, and can also be hidden behind moveable panels.

Guideline for Current Renters

Studio Brochure

Newton and Changi Studio Brochure. Download here

Changi Rental Guide

Guidance on Changi Studio can be download here

Newton Rental Guide

Guidance on Newton Studio can be download here

Setting up the tables

How to set up and return the green table: Instruction sheet

Speaker (Studio and Portable)

How to operate the speaker in Studio One and Two, and the portable Bluetooth speaker: Instruction sheet

Studio Two TV (Chromecast / Cable)

How to set up studio two TV (Chromecast / Cable): Instruction sheet

Operating the Projector (Studio One)

How to operate the projector in Studio One: Instruction sheet

What do our renters say?


Hsiao Bond

Educational Specialist

Mindful Space is exactly that; a calming and thoughtful space for all groups of people and programs. Along with the mindful approach, the warmth provided by Vernessa and her team truly makes this an inclusive and safe place for all.

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Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Energy Healer

As an energy-conscious person, it is important for me to have good energy in the space where I conduct my healing sessions and workshops.

I believe the owner’s energy is important as it can affect the space. I choose Mindful Space as Vernessa has got really good energy around her. The way she handles and manages her studio is really well done. It is physically, hygienically, and energetically clean; the vibration in the space is positive

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Elynn Teo

Creator & Empowerment Coach

Renting space at Mindful Space has made my business model more nimble, allowing me to adapt the space to suit my client's needs ... What attracts me most are the positive vibes of Mindful Space and Vernessa, resonating with their purpose to create quality learning experiences.

I found space rental to be a good strategy for a new entrepreneur like me, where I can change the composite of my business expenses from a fixed cost to a variable cost.

This makes my business model more nimble, and also gives me the flexibility to cater a space to suit my client’s needs. What I look for in a space is the feeling of peace, positivity and calmness so that my client and I can focus our heart and mind to work on the solutions.

I resonate strongly with the purpose of Mindful Space to create quality learning and experiences for parents and their children. Whether it is their programmes or their spaces, it is the positive vibes of Mindful Space and Vernessa that attract me most!

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Crystal Bowl Practitioner, Divine Sound Healer & Energy Healer

... Mindful Space is that place. The studio is always clean, with pure vibes, and ready as soon as I arrive ... I can definitely say Mindful Space is one of the best studios in Singapore for any session related to body, mind, and energy. I feel very lucky to be a part of the beautiful energy it creates.

I have been working as a sound healer for 7 years in Singapore. The studio where I conduct my sessions is a very important part of the experience. A great studio is a place of calm that is comfortable and convenient for both my clients and myself as a healer. Mindful Space is that place.

The studio in Mindful Space is always kept clean and tidy, with pure vibes, and is ready to go as soon as I arrive. On top of that, Vernessa, who is the owner of the studio, is a very kind person who is highly supportive of my practice. I have fallen in love with the energy of both the studio and her.

In my experience, all the teachers, coaches, and healers use the studio with respect, kindness, and a good heart. I believe the people who visit and those who are part of the studio’s community, are blessed and happy. I can definitely say Mindful Space is one of the best studios in Singapore to conduct any kind of session related to body, mind, and energy. I feel very lucky to have found Mindful Space and to be a part of the beautiful energy it creates.

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Hendrick ‘DK’

Founder of The Hermitage Zen Meditation, Spiritual teacher, and mindfulness expert

A minimalistic, hygienic, quiet, and spacious environment.

It’s important for me to understand the mission and values of the people I work with. This is because ultimately, it’s the people that make up the energy of the space. You’ll regret it if you don’t check it out. Vernessa and the team have done a tremendously great job in setting up the place!

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Noel Tuan

Akashic Records Educator and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Mindful Space is what I am looking for in a rental space. Comfortable, easily accessible, and strong wi-fi connection.

The biggest plus point is that the owner has been a joy to work with! Vernessa is very reasonable to converse with, helpful, and does what she can to enhance the experience of using the space. Highly recommended!

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Nashwa Bliss

Mar 2020

Best studio space ever in Singapore!!!! I have been hopping many studios over years to rent for my dance classes. I am glad that I finally found the one I really love. Their studio is very clean and always at amazing energy. My students also love it and after I start using their space, more students have been joining classes!!!!!! Definitely 5 stars.

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Nashwa Bliss

Movement Trainer, Dance Artist & Teacher

Over the four years of my career as a dance teacher in Singapore, I have been to at least 20 studios to teach classes, workshops, and rehearsals.

I am confident to share that Mindful Space is the best space ever to conduct classes. The space is always clean and well-equipped. I definitely have more clients now because they enjoy the space as well!

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Muckypups have been using the beautiful studios at Mindful Space for a year now and have been loving the place! The studio is spotless, large, soundproof, accessible and has a lovely feel to it.The whole facility is really well done and the staff are great, very helpful and welcoming. Our families that come to our classes are always very complimentary. We LOVE Mindful space! Thanks for having us.

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