Studio Rental

+ Mic, Light & Tripod at $10 per hour

What can the studios and coaching room be used for?


  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga, Aerial

  • Martial Arts

  • Dance

  • Meditation

  • Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

  • Somatic

  • Sound Healing

  • Chiro & Osteopath

  • Spa & Massage

  • Coaching

  • Counselling

  • Music & Sound Production

  • Online Video Recording

  • Movie Night

  • Photo & Videoshoot

  • Interview

  • Therapy


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Studio Policy

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As a parent and child space, we take pride in the physical platform we have created with love and passion.


We have 2 studios, and a coaching room available for rent.

Studio One: 520sqft

Studio Two: 265sqft

Coaching/Therapy Room: 117sqft

Clean Space and Air

A mist diffuser is provided free of charge, and you may bring your own antiseptic/relaxing/energizing essential oils for use. 

Both the studios come with the option to leave the doors open and aircon off, allowing natural ventilation.  

Besides the Novita Ioniser that filers the air, the centre enjoys natural air purification with our indoor greenery. 

Mats are wiped down thoroughly after each use. 

Conducive Space for Rehearsals

The larger studio with clear acoustics and spacious flooring, are highly suited for small group practices, whether for vocal, dance, theatre or various performing arts.

Music and sound play beautifully in our studios, equipped with acoustic walls and doors (STC 45) with additional acoustic wall panels and sound diffusers on the ceiling.   


Our GabroSport flooring comes with sports and protective benefits, designed to be comfortable with excellent shock absorption for joint and cartilage protection. Ideal for footwork. 

The wall mirror is available for use, and can also be hidden behind moveable panels.  

Fully equipped for Yoga and Meditation

Manduka Yoga mats and a full assortment of props are available: straps, cork blocks, bolsters, blankets, massage balls. High quality audio system also comes with both the studios.   

A few meditation cushions are available for use in addition to mats. 

Training and Coaching 

Amenities such as projector, white board, training chairs (adult and kids), yoga mats and water dispenser are available.

Workshops and events that are aligned with our values and energy of the space are welcome.

Besides the two studios, the coaching room is also available for rent.

Payment Methods

Booking for all workshops and classes requires payment to secure slots

Option 1: Credit / Debit Card
Online - Mindful Space Website at Check Out

Option 2: Internet Banking 

OCBC Bank (Bank Code 7339 / Branch Code 550)

Mindful Space Pte Ltd

6875 8494 6001

Please send payment confirmation to 

Option 3: PayNow

Mindful Space Pte Ltd

UEN: 201906545M001

Reference: Name

Please send payment confirmation to +65 9783 7313

Option 4: Pay Cash/ Paywave in Person

Please make an appointment before you visit, Whatsapp +65 9783 7313

+65 6910 5770

​Whatsapp +65 9783 7313

10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977.  Beside ACS Junior (Newton MRT)

Mindful Space® Pte Ltd (Reg: 201906545M001)