2024 Kids Aerial & Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate your career with Mindful Space's unique 100-hour Kids Aerial & Yoga Teacher Training. Become a certified teacher and join our professional community.

Opportunity to be a teacher with Mindful Space after you graduate from 150 hours!

Why are we different?

1. You will experience the only studio in Singapore that offers an immersive and comprehensive training for kids aerial and kids yoga for teachers.

2. You get a bonus on classroom management skills from an experienced educator. Most kids’ yoga classes only focus on fun yoga poses and games, but the reality is that kids are highly active these days.
How do you focus on the child’s socio-emotional development so that they are more ready to learn? Teaching children is a whole different skillset.

  • How do you manage children who just want to run around?
  • How do you motivate children who have separation anxiety?
  • How do you encourage children who are anxious and fearful?
  • What can you do for children with low self-esteem?
  • How can you support children who are hypermobile or hyperextended?
  • What happens when children push, hit or use unkind language in class?

3. You get real life experience. You can observe our current kids and family classes from age 2 toddlers to 15 years old teenagers. Something you cannot find in other courses.

  • Learn how the different teachers conduct, hold space and ground the children.
  • Be a teacher assistant in class to get first hand insights and practical learning process.

4. You will have the opportunity to work with Mindful Space as a teacher assistant and teacher after the course (level 1 and 2).

  • Supportive post-training transition.
  • Be part of a community who are aligned with mindful, positive and respectful teaching.
  • Continuous trainings by other professionals such as a sensory integration specialist, osteopath and physiotherapist.


The first and only in Singapore.

We have curated this unique program that will equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to teach mindfulness, aerial and yoga to children.

It will cover topics such as anatomy, age-appropriate yoga poses and games, and strategies for engaging children in the practice, while also focusing on classroom management with different grounding methods.

This unique YTT certification will also cover how to cultivate values and help a child regulate their emotions, have a growth mindset, build resilience and develop their social cues – all through fun play. Play is far more powerful than what most parents realise.

Upon completion of the program, graduates have the opportunity to teach our kids aerial and yoga classes or become teacher assistants.

Program Details & Inclusions (Level 1: 100 hrs)

  • Open to all (no yoga background required).
  • Inclusive of real-life classroom observations with children and families from age 2 – 15.
  • Teacher assistant role upon graduation at Mindful Space.
  • Teaching opportunity for kids yoga for those with 200 hours YTT background.
  • Special rate for adult group class.
  • Special studio self-practice rate.
  • Opportunity to be part of our Tuesday teacher practice and learning group.


  • Kids Mindfulness & Yoga – body structure, anatomy physiology, preparing the body and conditioning.
  • Kids Aerial – benefits, setting up, different hand grips / body / leg / bum wraps, variety of aerial poses and aerial games.
  • Classroom Management Skills – grounding, rephrasing and redirecting, managing children who are more active, children who need more attention and connection, how to hold space for children.

Program Details & Inclusions (Level 2: 50 hrs)

  • Open to those with existing aerial and yoga knowledge.
  • Inclusive of real-life classroom observation with children and families from age 2 – 15.
  • Teacher assistant role upon graduation at Mindful Space.
  • Teaching opportunity for kids yoga and aerial.
  • Special rate for adult group class.
  • Special studio self-practice rate.
  • Opportunity to be part of our Tuesday teacher practice and learning group.


  • Kids Mindfulness & Yoga – advance yoga poses.
  • Kids Aerial – advance aerial poses.
  • Classroom Management Skills – children who need more attention and connection, how to hold space for children, how to manage gaps or different abilities in class.

Requirement for Certification of Completion

  • 90% attendance (100 hours YTT + 5 hours classroom management)
  • 1 yoga theory exam
  • 1 practical test: 90 mins mock up class with 3 – 6 kids
  • 6 hours classroom observation (4 sessions x 1.5 hours) – NOT part of the 100hrs
  • 6 hours teacher assistant role (4 sessions x 1.5 hours) – NOT part of the 100hrs

For those pursuing the teaching path with Mindful Space, you are highly recommended to complete the following 20 hours:

  • 10 hours of self -practice adult yoga and aerial (special rate at $25 for students).
  • 4 sessions of teacher assistant role.
  • 3 teaching sessions with their own class plan. Setting intention and providing reflection.

Only 8 spots available! First come first serve.

(Level 1: 100 hrs)

  • $3650 per person
    Early Bird (by Jan 31) $3450 per person

Min. 5 pax to commence.

(Level 2: 50 hrs)

  • $1700 per person

Min. 5 pax to commence.

Program Dates Weekday (100 hrs: Level 1)

Mon – Fri,  9:00am – 1:15pm
Level 1 Mar 25 – Apr 26

*No class on public holiday*
Easter Friday (29 Mar)
Hari Raya (10 Apr)

Level 1 Theory Exam
29 Mar, 9am – 1:15pm

Level 1 Practical Exam (pick one date)
27 Apr (Sat)
11:45 – 1:15 pm

28 Apr (Sun)
12:30 – 2 pm
2:30 – 4 pm
4:30 – 6 am

4 May (Sat )
11:45 – 1:15 pm

5 May (Sun)
2 – 3:30 pm

Program Dates Weekday (Level 2: 50 hrs)

Mon – Fri,  9:00am – 1:15pm
Level 2 May 6 – May 23

Exam date & graduation date will be announced nearer to date.

Program Dates Weekend

Fri, 6.30pm-9pm
Sat, 1.30pm – 9pm
Sun, 12.30pm-7pm

Sep 1-Oct 15

Interested and want to find out more about the program?

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Yasmin Begum


We have been working with Vernessa and the Mindful Space team for our safe conversations for mums sessions. The experience has been positive throughout. Every little thing is provided for and Vernessa helps to ensure that event logistics are smooth from registration to end of event so that we could concentrate on the actual sessions. A great partner to have for events for sure! - Yasmin, Away from Mum Guilt

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This booking is not applicable for cancellation or refund unless Mindful Space cannot commence or proceed with the activity.

In the event you can’t make it, tickets are transferable for the same date to other family or friends. Just let us know their name, email, mobile and kids name & age (WhatsApp 9783 7313). You can try your luck to see if anyone on the waiting list (no promise).

Questions & Answers

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Khailin Chuah

This is a beautiful nourishing space managed by a very dedicated owner along with her wonderful team staff and teachers. The classes are taught by amazing and professional instructors and the space is impeccable. I highly recommend Mindful Space. It's really a treasure.


Canary Ville Estate

I have had the fortune to participate in numerous classes and events at Mindful Space. Whether it be sessions relating to becoming a more thoughtful parent or exercise classes with my kids, I have always walked away learning and doing something new.  Mindful Space is a wonderful and happy oasis for kids and parents alike, filled with inspiring people in a welcoming, clean and spacious environment.  Keep up the great work!


PeiS G

My boy just completed the 1 week mindful space camp. To be honest, he wasn't really looking forward to it initially as he thought it would be boring. After the 1st day, he actually couldn't wait to attend the next day's class!

After the camp, I can tell he is trying very hard to incorporate the values he learnt from the camp into his daily routine. Am very happy to receive a very detailed report of his behaviour and the difficulties he faced and how he managed to overcome those during the camp. It helps me to understand my child a little bit better too. There were also suggestions on how we could further support our child in areas that he is not strong in. The trainers are all very friendly and approachable too.

I'm very glad I came across this camp. My child had alot of fun and he learnt alot. We could actually see a difference in his behaviour in the short span of 5 days. Thank you and please continue doing what you do!


George Stephens

A great afternoon kayaking around Pulau Ubin arranged by Mindful Space.

As always, everything was very well organised and communicated very clearly in advance of the trip. Our guide was knowledgeable about the flora and fauna we saw, as well as being very patient with our kids! :)

Thank you to the Mindful Space team!

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