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I love the opening analogy that Vernessa gave for "Respectful and Positive Discipline for Toddlers". It was simple but yet straight to the point. Vernessa was also very warm and shared plenty of information that was beneficial to both the parents and my teachers.

In light of the current situation, her sharing had helped us to relook on how can we reinforce positive discipline with the children.

The interactive workshop on "family yoga focusing on emotions"gave parents an opportunity to practice alongside with the instructors. The duration of the workshop was great too and it was flexible and easy for parents to follow.

Chan Yin Jie, Principal

Decorative Dried Plants

The "Respectful and Positive Discipline" webinar for parents with children age 0-3 years old enlightened us on the different aspects of discipline. They made us think about giving the child power and choices in a respectful manner. 


The talk not only benefited parents but also teachers. 

We are now more aware of the choice of words we used towards the toddler.

Definitely would recommend this talk to others!

Learning to manage the children in a better manner with a new perspective.

It will definitely help us in terms of communication with the younger ones!

Teachers of My First Skool

White Branch

Our very first parent and child yoga for babies and toddlers session with Mindful Space. The instructors presented an easy to follow yoga for the defined age group. It is the first time the parents and child participated in a virtual yoga session.


Parents and child were able to follow along and enjoy the session.

Everyday routines were given as a yoga move such as brushing your teeth. Instructions were short and sharp, simple to understand.

Jamilah & Afifiah, Educators

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Positive & Respectful Discipline for Toddlers

Transform your child to Terrific Twos!


Workshop by Vernessa Chuah, the Founder of Mindful Space, an educator for 13 years and a mother of a toddler.


Spare the rod and spoil the child? What is the difference between discipline and punishment? 


What to do when your child has meltdowns and throw tantrums?


Why does your child throw, bite, push, scream & kick?


How to help your child with separation anxiety?


Invite Vernessa as she shares tips on how to manage common toddler challenges.


Corporate / Group Event

Online / Physical