Family Aerial & Wheel Yoga

Designed for parents and kids aged 7-12, this 90-minute session combines the excitement of aerial yoga with the playful challenges of wheel yoga, creating an unforgettable experience of trust, support, and fun.

Introducing our Family Aerial & Wheel Yoga workshop, a unique adventure that invites you and your teenager to explore the bounds of yoga in a way you've never imagined. This 90-minute, one-time session is the perfect opportunity for families with children aged 7-12 to bond over shared challenges, laughter, and achievements.

Aerial Yoga: Experience the joy and freedom of swinging, flipping, and finding balance in the air together. Aerial yoga inversions serve as an excellent tool for calming the mind and body, promoting better focus, motor skills, and a sense of tranquility. Together, you'll explore poses that enhance body and spatial awareness, encourage self-confidence, and foster a supportive family environment.

Wheel Yoga: Dive into the playful world of wheel yoga, where each roll and stretch brings you closer. The yoga wheel adds a delightful twist to traditional poses, making this practice both fun and beneficial for flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. You and your child will engage in partner poses that build trust and communication, offering a chance to support each other in new and exciting ways.

Throughout the workshop, you'll:

  • Enhance trust as you navigate the hammock and yoga wheel together, offering physical and emotional support.
  • Create a safe space for expression, encouraging your child to explore their capabilities and emotions freely.
  • Model and practice emotion regulation, tackling uncertainty and fear with courage and teamwork.
  • Engage in mindful breathing and observe its effects on thoughts and behavior, deepening your connection and understanding of each other.

Join us for a session filled with laughter, learning, and connection. Let's create positive, lasting memories and discover the resilient and vulnerable sides of each other, with lots of encouragement and cheerleading along the way.

Emily We


My 12 year old daughter attended a 3 days Mindfulness Holiday Camp at Mindful Space. She loves all the teachers and the entire program especially the aerial yoga session so much so she is asking if I can sign her up for more! It is not easy to find aerial yoga classes for tweens/teens.

I hope Mindful Space will organise more events/classes cater to her age group too! Thank you for brightening up her summer vacation with your awesome camp! And thank you for the comprehensive classroom observation review and photos after the camp. My husband and I are truly impressed by the professionalism of your service.

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This booking is not applicable for cancellation or refund unless Mindful Space cannot commence or proceed with the activity.

In the event you can’t make it, tickets are transferable for the same date to other family or friends. Just let us know their name, email, mobile and kids name & age (WhatsApp 9783 7313). You can try your luck to see if anyone on the waiting list (no promise).

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Isabelle Claus Teixeira

Vernessa has created a warm, professional, clean and extremely welcoming place.


Diane Rodrigues

I sent my daughter and nieces for their 3 day holiday camp and they loved it! Really liked how they got to try aerial yoga, experience a positively charged environment and learn about mindfulness.


Amirah Diyanah Kemat

Had the best time with my daughter at their Family Aeriel Yoga which are held monthly.

Very smooth and prompt communication via WhatsApp and they are super professional in how they deal with their clients.

Highly recommend.


Nashwa Bliss

Best studio space ever in Singapore!!!! I have been hopping many studios over years to rent for my dance classes. I am glad that I finally found the one I really love. Their studio is very clean and always at amazing energy. My students also love it and after I start using their space, more students have been joining classes!!!!!! Definitely 5 stars.

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