Dec Wilderness Holiday Camp

Embark on an outdoor adventure this December with our Wilderness Holiday Camp, filled with exciting activities and nature exploration.

This December, we invite your child to join us for an exhilarating Wilderness Holiday Camp. Set in the great outdoors, this camp is designed to immerse children in the wonders of nature, offering a unique blend of adventure, learning, and fun.

This camp promises not just a break from the regular school routine, but a memorable and transformative experience. It's an opportunity for children to explore, learn, and grow in the lap of nature, making new friends and unforgettable memories along the way. Join us for this extraordinary adventure and watch your child thrive in the wilderness!

Activities and Learning:

Throughout the camp, participants will engage in a variety of activities that foster a deep connection with the natural world. From orienteering and wildlife tracking to bushcraft and survival skills, each day presents new challenges and opportunities for discovery. Our experienced instructors will guide the children in hands-on experiences, promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and environmental awareness.

Personal Growth and Mindfulness

Beyond adventure, the Wilderness Holiday Camp emphasizes personal growth and mindfulness. Children will learn the importance of resilience, self-reliance, and respect for nature. Mindfulness sessions, reflective of our core philosophy, are integrated into the daily routine, helping children find calmness and balance amidst the excitement of outdoor exploration.

Safety and Supervision

Safety is paramount in all our activities. We ensure a secure and supportive environment, with skilled facilitators who are trained in first aid and risk management. The camp maintains a low child-to-instructor ratio, ensuring personalized attention and care.

Laura Miani


A place that is building a community of mindful parents through family activities, kids fun explorations of nature and feelings through art, sport, team building. A space that is made emotionally safe through compassion, recognition and respect for the beautiful kids souls that will be adults tomorrow.

My daughter practised aerial yoga here and both my kids look forward to attend camps here. We also asked Vernessa’s team help to organize my 8 year old party: It was a lovely day for the kids with aerial yoga and batik painting in the garden. I am very happy to support this business and this team for the extremely valuable work they are doing.

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This booking is not applicable for cancellation or refund unless Mindful Space cannot commence or proceed with the activity.

In the event you can’t make it, tickets are transferable for the same date to other family or friends. Just let us know their name, email, mobile and kids name & age (WhatsApp 9783 7313). You can try your luck to see if anyone on the waiting list (no promise).

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Laura Chan

We love the aerial family yoga class! My kid has grown so much here. I’m so grateful to the kind teachers and management.



Deciding to sign my 13-year-old up for a three-day camp with Mindful Space was on the spur of the moment. Dreading to have a naturally sedentary teen growing roots on the TV couch during the June holidays, I was intrigued when I read about Mindful Space's programme, particularly their aerial yoga activity.

Those three days came and went, and as usual, I didn't get a lot of information out of a teen apart from the fact that he had a lot of fun and wasn't bothered by the large age gap with his camp mates.

Then a week later, I received a post-camp message from Mindful Space.

Oh my, it is by far, the most detailed and best post-camp review I’ve ever read. True to their business name, someone took the time and effort to mindfully communicate to me about my child and his time at the camp. Not only was the message kind and thoughtful, but it was definitely on point about what kind of person he is, and the areas in which we can continue to help him flourish.

One of the "wow" moments for my child was how he attempted and succeeded in doing a handstand. To some parents of naturally well-coordinated and active kids, this may not seem like much, but for my child, it was huge. He was so surprised and proud of himself - for trying and overcoming. From the note, I especially love how the teachers were able to identify a huge learning point for him through this activity - there was an acknowledgement of fear, followed by an acceptance of self, before embarking on the actual learning of the technique and continual practice.

In our busy, modern society, many people, including adults, get buried with the "doing" but missed out on the critical stage of "being". Once in a while, we all need to recalibrate and reframe our mindsets so that we can be better equipped to embark on the "handstands of our lives".

I'm also happy to report that my child's posture has improved. When waiting for the bus recently, I noticed he was sitting upright when he would otherwise be hunched up like a little old man.

While Singapore is in no lack of children's holiday camps, life-transforming programmes like these are rare and precious. Thank you so much, Mindful Space.


Andreea Ianas

We had a magical time celebrating our son’s birthday at Mindful Space! The kids had a blast mixing colours, playing with foam or splashing around with water - and so did the parents! Vanessa and the team were wonderful and ensured that we had a fantastic day.


Yasmin Begum

We have been working with Vernessa and the Mindful Space team for our safe conversations for mums sessions. The experience has been positive throughout. Every little thing is provided for and Vernessa helps to ensure that event logistics are smooth from registration to end of event so that we could concentrate on the actual sessions. A great partner to have for events for sure! - Yasmin, Away from Mum Guilt

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