Bubs & Tots Family Aerial

Embark on a gentle aerial adventure that introduces the joy of movement and air-bound play for toddlers and their guardians.

With the aerial hammock, you are meeting your baby and toddler’s sensory needs:

✅ Tactile: the touch of the aerial hammock on your child’s skin when they are cocooned inside brings back the same comfort as being in your womb. It makes your child feel safe and secure; hence, they naturally have more confidence to explore, be curious and try new things. This can also reduce separation anxiety.

✅ Vestibular: the aerial hammock’s rocking, swinging and spinning helps your child with spatial awareness and improves their sense of balance. A healthy vestibular system is linked to a better visual system, muscle tone and digestion. When your child’s vestibular sensory needs are met, they self-regulate and have better motor skills.

✅ Proprioceptive: the stretch in the aerial hammock provides deep-pressure input on your child’s skin and joints, providing them with the proprioceptive sensory needs their body is seeking. When your child’s proprioceptive needs are met, they are more coordinated, aware and focused.

Play and games are the best way to nurture your young child. When they are enjoying themselves, they are more confident and resilient.

As both you bond physically and connect closer emotionally, this safe, inclusive and gentle class supports your child:

✅ to feel relaxed, calmer and have better sleep

✅ to enhance their visual and auditory learning.

✅ to improve your child’s hand-eye-feet coordination.

✅ to build their gross and fine motor development (eg: finger grasp, neck strength, hip strength)

✅ to reduce separation anxiety and open to learning new things / environment

✅ to have better blood circulation and digestion

✅ to encourage sensory exploration

✅ to strengthen focus and awareness

✅ to be more regulated (less meltdowns)

Yi-Tee Lim


Done parents and kids aerial yoga. My child really loved it. The teachers here really have the skillsets for kids yoga and engaged the children mindfully!

Well done and will definitely be back!

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This booking is not applicable for cancellation or refund unless Mindful Space cannot commence or proceed with the activity.

In the event you can’t make it, tickets are transferable for the same date to other family or friends. Just let us know their name, email, mobile and kids name & age (WhatsApp 9783 7313). You can try your luck to see if anyone on the waiting list (no promise).

Questions & Answers

My child is an introvert or scared

It is common to feel afraid and reserved when exploring something unfamiliar and new (even adults get scared!).

Observing is also part of learning. Be okay to allow your child to watch others and explore at their own pace. Permit them to listen to their needs and boundaries and know there is support when they are ready. Once children feel safe and secure, they naturally build more confidence and trust in themselves.

We empower children to voice out when they need support. This is a great moment to learn how to make requests and analyse what assistance they need.

Some parents request we stay near their children, and we politely set our boundaries and values here. Children cannot learn to trust themselves when the adults cannot trust them.

The hammock height is only at the hip or knee for aerial yoga. We practice supported risky play, where falling is also part of building body awareness and learning about risk assessment. (just like any other sports or activities – cycling, soccer, rollerblading, gymnastic and dance).

My child or myself have special needs

We have welcomed neurodiverse children wired differently since we opened our doors in 2019.

At the same time, we are not therapists, psychologists or specialists for children with special needs.

We aim to hold space for neurodiverse and neurotypical children to learn to co-exist and integrate with each other.

Neurodiverse children range from autistic, ADHD, ADD, Down syndrome, low muscle tone, dyspraxia, social anxiety, separation anxiety, selective mutism, speech delay and other learning and developmental differences.

Neurotypical children also have their challenges of low self-esteem, insecurities, lack of resilience, lack of socio-emotional development, stress and anxieties, and many more.

We all have something to work on. There is always room for improvement.

Therefore, we hold the same safe space for them to be authentic and be embraced for being children – to make mistakes, to be attuned to their needs, to understand boundaries, and to have body awareness.

All children want to be heard, seen and acknowledged for who they are.

We believe both neurodiverse and neurotypical children have something to learn from each other. Together, we grow with empathy and see social cues and boundaries from a different perspective.

In our classes, we can hold up to 30% neurodiverse children. We assess according to the child’s ability and class dynamics. This helps to keep the class balanced and conducive to learning. Hence, we appreciate that you informed your child’s needs, development and challenges before enrolment or during registration. A trial session is a great way to see how the child feels and assess the child’s suitability for the class.

Our intention is for the child to benefit from the class. In the event that we feel that the child might need other professional support or development before joining the group class, we will refer different specialists that we trust and are aligned with our values.

There are also times when we have too many neurodiverse children in the same class, which changes the learning environment’s dynamics and energy.  In such cases, we might need to place your child on the waiting list or see the possibility of opening another new class.

To ensure the programme is suitable for your child, Whatsapp +65 9783 7313 to chat about how we can support your child better.

I am buying for another family/ friend too, can I register together?

Please book their spot separately and register using your friends details. Each Family Event/Workshop registration is for ONE family nucleus.

I am a family of 2 adult & 1 child

Please select the add on option in the booking window for additional parent/ adult accompany.

Do fill in their details in provided fields within the same registration form. If you have 1 adult and 2 children, you can also select this add on option.

How do I register for the event?

To book your spot/register for this event:

Click the booking button above (it will open a pop-up window)
Click on the date using the calendar below
Click the timeslot on the right side
Click ‘select and continue’ and fill the registration form before proceeding to payment

Do you have a projector / TV?
  • Studio One has a projector with soundbar (Chrome Cast and Apple TV)
  • Studio Two has a TV with sound system (Chrome Cast)



Canary Ville Estate

I have had the fortune to participate in numerous classes and events at Mindful Space. Whether it be sessions relating to becoming a more thoughtful parent or exercise classes with my kids, I have always walked away learning and doing something new.  Mindful Space is a wonderful and happy oasis for kids and parents alike, filled with inspiring people in a welcoming, clean and spacious environment.  Keep up the great work!


Sarah Ang

This is a place where you can let your child grow in self-awareness and learn skills and values they'll need in life through fun and interactive activities. The boss and facilitators take serious care to each individual child's needs. Highly recommended!


Nashwa Bliss

Best studio space ever in Singapore!!!! I have been hopping many studios over years to rent for my dance classes. I am glad that I finally found the one I really love. Their studio is very clean and always at amazing energy. My students also love it and after I start using their space, more students have been joining classes!!!!!! Definitely 5 stars.


Laura Miani

A place that is building a community of mindful parents through family activities, kids fun explorations of nature and feelings through art, sport, team building. A space that is made emotionally safe through compassion, recognition and respect for the beautiful kids souls that will be adults tomorrow.

My daughter practised aerial yoga here and both my kids look forward to attend camps here. We also asked Vernessa’s team help to organize my 8 year old party: It was a lovely day for the kids with aerial yoga and batik painting in the garden. I am very happy to support this business and this team for the extremely valuable work they are doing.

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