Guidelines for Yoga Participants 

Class etiquette for all students

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class to ground and centre yourself.

  • All classes will start on time. No one will be allowed in after the class commences.

  • Yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters are provided. Bring your own towel for hygiene reasons.

  • Wipe down mats after class with the provided spray and cloth


Aerial Yoga Participants


  • Only for practitioners who do not have spinal and/or joint injuries or surgeries, glaucoma, heart ailments, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset of vertigo and Botox injections within 6 hours of the class. 

  • Arrive 10 min before class commences for hammock adjustments. 

  • Complete last meal 2 hours before class. A small snack/energy bar or drink an hour before may help keep nausea at bay.

  • Remove all jewellery or hair accessories that would snag the hammock.

  • Wear tops with sleeves to prevent skin chafing or friction burns from hammock. Cotton blend material recommended to prevent slipping.

  • Clean feet or grip socks please

Bookings and packages

  • Bookings for regular package holders are to be made online via the MindBody app.

  • Min. 3 pax to start a class. Should a class need to be cancelled, we will inform 12 hours before.

  • For no show and late cancellations, the class would still be deducted from the package.

  • There is a 24-hr cut-off time for booking and cancellations due to our small class size.

  • Class packages are activated on date of first class. 

  • Packages are non-refundable.

  • Packages may be extended for 3 months for $50.

  • Only 50-class passes can be shared (up to 2 users) or transferred (fees - $50).


Safety and security

  • Our studios and public areas are equipped with CCTV cameras to prevent the risk of loss, damage or disputes that may arise within its premises and images are not for distribution purposes.

  •  We accept no liability for any injury or illnesses that occur to trainees during the class, due to any prior illnesses or injuries.

Yoga liability waiver 

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