To all our yoga members,


Thank you for committing to your self-care by investing in yoga classes at Mindful Space.

We know that, with Phase 2 of the post-Circuit Breaker starting on 19 June, you are looking forward to return to the studio. However, the newest government advisory (17 June) is requiring compliance for 2 -3 metre safe distancing in studios and masks to be worn throughout.

It is with sadness that I have to now make this heart-breaking announcement - we will no longer run regular yoga classes.

Since our launch in August 2019, we have received much kind support from so many of you. You have our deepest gratitude for making our journey together such a loving one.

Even during Phase 1 of the post-Circuit Breaker, some of you have reached out personally to me with warmest regards, knowing that our yoga teachers were having an extremely tough time, and that Mindful Space is finding ways to cope with all these challenges that came at the same time – rental crisis, cancellation of all wellness sessions, parenting workshops/courses and family/kids classes.

All that while being less than a year into our mission to enrich parenting experiences and enhance personal wellness, to be more present for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have explored many options that will allow us to still carry on our work within the Mindful Space family and the wider parenting and wellness community.

While we close off the yoga section (regular classes with packages), we continue to make wellness a priority on various platforms - online expert talks (#expertchat), future workshops at Mindful Space premises, private/group classes with our affiliated wellness experts with programmes we have curated just for you.

How you can use the remaining value in your package:  

We will be contacting you within these 2 weeks and I am so very grateful for your kind patience. We will let you know your remaining class value (derived from the unused class value in your package/s) as well as the validity period.

These are the options we would be sharing in more details with you:

  1. Online yoga classes
    Pick from a range of virtual yoga classes with the teachers you know and love. We will provide the calendar, class prices, booking procedures and other info when we contact you.

  2. Private classes with our yoga teachers at Mindful Space
    Choose a teacher to carry on your practice. You can top-up to add sessions too. You may also explore other options with the teacher as well. Mindful Space will link both of you up for a mindful transition.

  3. Group wellness classes with our various affiliates
    Choose from a wide range of online/physical classes such as Mindfulness/Meditation, Sound Healing, Somatic Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Tension Release Exercises, Family/Kids Classes, well as many other private consultation and coaching sessions. You may convert your classes and top-up if needed. More current information will be shared when we reach out to you.

  4. Contribute or Donate
    Many of you asked me this over the last two months: What can I do to help Mindful Space? We thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you have already considered contributing your unused value back to us. We accept this token of kindness with gratitude, and we are committed to continue our free online #ExpertChat sessions where experts share their knowledge.


Wellness for an enriched life matters deeply to all of us and we wish the best of health to all our loved ones. You may also choose to donate your unused value to Singapore Association for Mental Health.


If all the above options are not feasible, please contact us.

Thank you and it’s not goodbye.

Mindful Space and I, Vernessa, cherish all of you. Almost all of you have met me at some point in time at the studio; all the encouragement, kind words and laughter, I hold them dear to my heart.

Although it is no longer viable for us to have you as our yoga members, please continue to stay in the Mindful Space family. Together, we can all pull through these difficult times for the road to recovery and a positive future ahead.   


With love and gratitude,


Founder of Mindful Space

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