" Always take time for self-care. Make well-being your priority. There will never be enough time.

Only when your cup is full, you can give others the best version of yourself. 

When mothers are recharged, we can give more to our children." Vernessa

Private Class Descriptions

mindful space aerial yoga

Aerial Fun

(Level One)

Learn how to use an aerial hammock with basic movements to increase your fitness and physical agility.  Fundamental techniques and safety are covered before progression to simple sequences that synchronise with your breath.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of spinal decompression through supported inversions while having fun flying and floating.

Suitable for beginners age 16 and above, who do not have spinal and/or joint injuries or surgeries, glaucoma, heart ailments, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset of vertigo and Botox injections within 6 hours of the class. 

fitness for spine

Aerial Yoga

(Level Two)

Explore a variety of yoga movements in 3-dimensional space and zero compression of the spine with aerial hammock.


Challenge your core strength while sharpening your proprioception to increase overall balance, strength and agility of the body.


Attend at least 4 sessions of Aerial Fun before progressing to Aerial Yoga. Suitable for regular yoga practitioners who do not have spinal and/or joint injuries or surgeries, glaucoma, heart ailments, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset of vertigo and Botox injections within 6 hours of the class. Age 16 and above.

Baby -Wearing Yoga

A new baby means new schedule and less time for moms but this does not mean that moms have to put aside keeping healthy.

Exercise while you carry the baby with you in a baby wrap, sling or carrier. Healthy and playful bonding activity to do with a new baby.

Babies loves gentle movement that calm them as they receive just the right amount of stimulation in class. Music and singing will be incorporated in class, as with gentle stretches for baby.

Suitable for babies who are less mobile, and able to hold their heads up steadily as they will be carried in the baby carrier and movement is involved (about 4 months old). Alternatively babies can lie down on the floor if they are not crawling yet.

Please bring along

  • Baby carrier, sling or wrap

  • Blanket/cloth for your baby to lie on.

  • Diaper bag with change of clothes, diapers, feeding supplies for newborns. 

Young Mother and Baby

Core Workout

A strong core (abdominal region) helps the entire physical body to move and function better; whether one is attending any other yoga class or sports activities, with impact that can be felt in every little daily activity including sitting at the work desk. 

Various benefits of Core work:

  • Ease and lightness in everyday movements, bending, sitting down/up, lifting, carrying, reaching for things and such 

  • Relaxed stiff and sore back muscles caused by our sedentary lifestyle

  • Reduced back pain with consistent practice 

  • Better balance and stability to reduce risk of falls 

  • Improved posture for a healthier spine


Suitable for all students  

Gym Fitness Trainers

Family Yoga

Kid-friendly classes make yoga accessible to children as young as 4 years old. Every parent-child team will experience the emotional connection, positive communication and teamwork on the mat. Taking time to slow down together creates a powerful opportunity for mindfulness for the whole family.

Adults learn alongside their children, for new poses and movements during a class. Parents get to model attentive and engaged learning/listening, fostering open-mindedness and cooperation.

Children learn that they can have fun and laughter with their parents, with no need of social media or any other tools and games. All they need is a mat and they can do yoga poses at home too.

Adults will also experience the benefits of intentional movement and breathing techniques to be more present for their children at every interaction. 

Child in Air Yoga

Family Aerial

Children and parents pair up for these classes, that come with both mat activities and aerial movement with the hammocks. 

Partner exercises become unique ways of bonding, with emotional connection being fostered during physical interaction and teamwork.


The intention is for this strengthened trust and communication between the parent and the child to continue developing, beyond the mats (and hammocks).

Adults and children will also experience the benefits of breathing techniques to learn how to centre themselves, and to enrich their time together with a greater presence for their loved ones. 

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga are designed to engage young minds that are naturally creative and curious through fun yoga poses and movement. Inspiring children to tap on their imagination through visualisation and games, they are also improving their focus and attention.

Role-playing and partner activities improve their social skills, self expression and foster self-discipline and kindness during teamwork.  

Breathing techniques for children are modified to be interesting, easy to remember and learn; constant practice will improve self regulation while developing their innate ability to listen, observe and imagine, forming a healthy and positive connection between their inner world and external environment. There is a balance between inner stillness and constant stimulation. 

Yoga movement helps to develop in growing kids, flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Learning poses also helps to cultivate better listening skills that will improve effective communication in their everyday lives. 

kids yoga singapore

Kids Aerial

The classes provide a creative space for children to explore movement of their own physical bodies, while learning to focus their attention to still their inner being. 

With a trained instructor, the intriguing postures and variety of movement are introduced to these young minds in a positive and safe environment. Kids are empowered to step out of their comfort zones, gaining both physical strength and self awareness.  Self regulation, confidence and ability to focus improve with practice. 

Important benefits for growing children:

  • Gaining a greater sense of balance (improving vestibular functions)

  • Improving the perception and awareness of the body (or proprioception) 

  • Increasing sensitivity to the sense of touch (improving tactile discrimination), discerning between textures, amount of pressure/pull and push etc.  

  • Social skills are enhanced through fun and teamwork during group activites and games. 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

With the practice of Asanas (yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises), the goal is to bring peace to the mind and body, deepening concentration (Dharana), and purifying the body by opening the nadis especially along the spine (kundalini energy) for meditation.

Regular practice helps one to gain mastery of basic yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques and deeper body awareness. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Class


Pilates is a physical fitness program developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, with basic principles that focus on posture, alignment, strength and flexibility.


STOTT PILATES® is a modern method that enhances the traditional Pilates to improve
• Strength
• Body awareness
• Posture
• Alignment

With a background in Dance, Barre and anatomical knowledge, Pilates Instructor Hwee Ling personalises a series of fitness program to meet your goals while working with injuries/ body conditions. She creates a unique Pilates programme that will challenge and leave you feeling stronger after each session.

Prenatal Yoga

With a dedicated focus on the needs of pregnant mums, prenatal support their changing body while they get ready to welcome their child into the world. The sessions will also improve the bonding with the child through various breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques.

Participants are taught how to tone, stretch and strengthen important muscle groups (eg: pelvic floor muscle) to help prepare for a smooth and comfortable labour, making room  in the womb for the baby to be in the best positioning. 

Prenatal yoga also helps to minimise lower back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath and anxiety, through regular practice.

To support moms-to-be, we also have HypnoBirthing /HypnoMothering classes and Mothers Circle to complement the childbirth and motherhood journey.

Suitable for pregnant mums who are past the first trimester. To determine the suitability of practicing prenatal yoga, it is advisable to consult your gynaecologist.

prenatal yoga singapore

Postnatal Yoga

The 4th trimester (postnatal or postpartum) requires mental, emotional and physical energy from your mind and body, as you are caring for a newborn who is fully dependent on you.

This class is designed to nurture new mums and provide a safe environment for them to heal and repair their bodies and to talk about their experiences of birth as well as being a new mum. It provides them with a space to safely allow them to reconnect with their bodies.

Postnatal yoga uses movement, balance and relaxation to allow your body to recover from pregnancy and birth.

  • reduce the postnatal stress, anxiety and depression

  • heal the body and mind to pre-pregnancy states

  • restore hormonal balance

  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscle

  • ease muscle and joint aches and pains (caused by caring for the little one)

  • condition abs and core area

  • regain spinal integrity

  • techniques to manage fatigue

Babies and Yoga
Child's Pose

Restorative Yoga

As a meditative practice, this style of yoga works to release mind-body tension. The passive approach works with long holding of poses, while the body is well supported with props. There is deep relaxation and breathing is also slowed and deepened during stillness.

It is complementary to the other active forms of stretching, gym or sports, and a perfect timeout to recalibrate all forms of stresses (physical/mental) by: 

  • Calming the nervous system

  • Improving capacity for healing 

  • Slowing down the mind to improve focus  

  • Restoring the body and mind from fatigue 

  • Enhancing the mood   

Suitable for all levels

Yoga at Home

Vinyasa Yoga

A series of more advanced yoga postures flowing from one pose to another, the flow of movement and rhythm of breath builds heat in the body, activating the cardiovascular system.

Great for burning calories and internal cleansing, expect a dynamic class with low impact sequences. Suitable for intermediate and advanced level.

Yin Yoga

Combining ancient Indian traditions with Chinese energy theories, this is a passive and slow paced yoga featuring  postures to be held for a longer period of time to achieve these aims:

  • Target deep connective tissue

  • Encourage a meditative approach to stilling the mind

  • Improves flexibility and soften the muscles

  • Regulate the flow of energy

  • Activate a deeper search within the body - the self, feelings, sensation, emotions (eg: releasing tension in the hips, helps to let go of emotions)

Suitable for those who constantly work and live in fast-paced environments, as well as athletes with overworked joints. Enjoy mindful moments to quiet and calm the mind and body.

Yoga at Home

Yoga Therapy 

This ancient healing system uses with specific yoga posture, alignment, and breath regulations, to target particular organs to improve the following:

  • Structural challenges: lower back pain, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, tight hips

  • Respiratory conditions: asthma

  • Digestive system: indigestion, gastritis, irritable bowel 

  • Mental & emotional: depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress, insomnia

  • General health: menopause, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes type 1 & 2, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, healing past injuries


A gentle, safe and powerful therapeutic approach with a conscious merge of breath and movements, learn to heal and rehabilitate the mind, body and emotions. Suitable for all.

Downward Facing Dog