Women's Circle

(On Every New Moon)

Safe, gentle and scared space in which we share our experiences as women, support and inspire one another.

A time for us to journey inwards and tune into our inner wisdom to remember who we are as a person, and what makes us feel most ourselves.  

The Women’s Circle is the perfect opportunity to rest and reconnect with ourselves, to be seen, accepted and empowered for who we really are. 

We will gather and explore a theme through discussion, journaling, heart-led exercises and sometimes a ritual ceremony. 

Join the Women’s Circle to grow, nourish, heal, restore, reconnect and empower. 


By Khai Lin, Joyful Momentum

Cost: $15 

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
(depending on number of participants) 

No. of Participants: Min. 5 Max. 10

Frequency: On Every New Moon

+65 6910 5770

​Whatsapp +65 9783 7313

10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977.  Beside ACS Junior (Newton MRT)

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