A place designed with you in mind

A Place Designed With You in Mind

Welcoming You with an Open Heart
Welcoming You with an Open Heart

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Calming Space with Positive Energy
Calming Space with Positive Energy

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Garden for Yoga & Mindfulness Practice
Garden for Yoga & Mindfulness Practice

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Welcoming You with an Open Heart
Welcoming You with an Open Heart

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A place that vibrates positive energy and peace. A place where mothers want to gather for support. Children can express themselves and be accepted. Families feel connected.


Professional air sanitisation with purification and ionisation to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Sterilisation with oxidation to eliminate odour and indoor airborne contaminants (bacteria, fungi, viruses)

  • Freshened indoor air quality with ionisation to achieve a calming effect for stress relief, energy boosting and increased overall alertness


Grounding is very important for the mind and body. When we are grounded, we feel more anchored in our lives. Beige wooden flooring is mindfully chosen to promote clarity, centeredness and calmness.


Our quality GraboSport flooring comes with sports and protective benefits, designed to be comfortable and reduce risk of injury with excellent shock absorption for joint and cartilage protection. The flooring is treated with graboSAN to stop the growth of germs and bacteria and is also solvent free.


Children learn best with music and movement, and some children experience more sensitivity in their auditory brain than others. We take careful consideration when planning how to create a comfortable acoustic effect with acoustic wall panels and acoustic diffusers on the ceiling in addition to soundproof walls and doors (STC 45).

Soundproof room for recording / production

  • Sound system

  • Acoustic panels & sound diffuser

  • Soundproofing door and walls

  • Visual set up with plants

  • Yoga mats & props

  • Projector & mirror

  • Wi - fi

  • 7 days a week, 7am to 10pm

  • Car park available


Surrounded with greenery, the space cultivates calmness and refreshes with a sense of rejuvenation.  Warm and soft lighting with dimmers allows children to focus better and feel at ease, even for participants who are extra sensitive to lights. 


Therapy swings are provided for children below 20kg, who might encounter big emotions and require their parent's assistance to calm them down. 


Manduka eKO® & eKO® Lite mats are eco-friendly and made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, free of toxic chemicals or dyes.

Manduka PROlite® mats provide high-density cushioning and 100% latex free comfort. The lifetime guarantee feature supports sustainability, along with non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing.

Manduka® Yoga straps are 100% recycled polyester and provide a good grip even in the most challenging yoga positions.

Manduka® Yoga Bolsters with eQua micro-fiber fabric cover and 30% recycled polyester fiber provide superior support and comfort.


Full rubber lacrosse balls are available for use during yoga classes to maximise myofascial release during deep tissue massages. 


Space is suitable for yoga studio rental, dance venue, audition space, online recording, music production, movie screening / night, workshops, somatic coaching, tension release exercises, therapy, body healing or energy work, reiki, sound healing / therapy, gong bath, coaching room, art gallery, baby / toddler / kids classes. More information