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How did you feel after Tension  Release Exercises (TRE)?

“ I feel better, had a good sleep and feel more refreshed the next day.”

" I feel good, definitely bringing more awareness to my body"

" I feel much better and calmer"

"After the TRE session, I’m feeling extremely tired, low energy and feel I need more rest.”

Even a short tremoring session will lead the body into reorganising itself as it releases stress, different moods and states might appear.


The question is « has this happened before? In what context did you notice it? » and also simply observe (nothing to worry about), hydrate well and notice how many days are needed until you feel « normal » again?

This is important data as we are mapping your body/getting to know your body and what it’s rhythm is.

Releasing contractions that sometimes have been held for years will reveal different sensations and feelings (for example tiredness, stiffness, pain, sadness , irritation, anger, joy, happiness, playfulness...)  that we have numb or contracted around not to let ourselves feel them for years.

Just be with it. Be generous and compassionate towards yourself and your body. Remember the body never lies, cannot lie and does it very best every moment.

“I had a long dream after TRE, anxiety about being late and something. Just a bit headache. Just wondering how to deal with them”


“I had some overwhelming sensation throughout the night and the next morning I was zapping on off. Like absent minded."

As we release body tensions, we want to remember that we hold our stress and our stories in our tissues. It is not uncommon to have a surge of anxiety. Look into Polyvagal theory.


As we « thaw » the parts of our bodies and the emotions we numb or do not want to feel , the system will go through them.


You have to go through anxiety to get out of it. Good that it passed. This is what you experienced. Notice and see if it passes. Keep hydrating.

FAQ for Tension  Release Exercises (TRE)

“I don’t feel much difference after attending one TRE session”

Yes, not a surprise as it was only one session. My question is how much you are connected to your body, body sensations and emotions in your normal life?  And also shifts might be subtle like your mood, body stiffness or just quality of sleep. Again only one session might not impact much.

"I might have a delayed reaction to the TRE session. I was a little sleepy after the session but I didn’t sleep that well, felt like my body was still at work. Then I felt a surge of energy to get things done, more energised and motivated to fix things. It has been 2 days now and I am still feeling it.  

The effect of a TRE session can last for days as the body reorganises itself on a physiological, neurological and chemical levels. It is not rare that people practising TRE notice changes during a week or so.