The Enneagram is different from other personality profiling tools because it

explores the WHY behind your behaviour.

“I used to think that my son is a lazy child. He has challenges with studies and can be very slow. After attending the Enneagram Workshop, I learned that my son is a Type 6 and he just prefers predictability and structures, and dislike last minute surprises. In relative to my husband, we are both highly spontaneous, hence now we understand why we tend to perceive our son as being lazy. Now, I have learned to see him in a different light and change the way I deal with him, and things got better, including his studies. The tips from Enneagram has helped me remove the inaccurate perception of my son, and has helped my husband and I manage our expectations better.” Mrs Tan

“Since attending the Enneagram course, I’ve become more understanding towards my son. He is very different from his sister, who is more  quiet and well- behaved. Naturally, we can't help but feel dismayed when he was so naughty. The course showed us how every individual has their own unique traits and that my son is unique too. I've learnt to accept him better and even how to manage certain behaviours." Ms Yap




Your teenage son is sullen and broody, and his sister is a firecracker with a terrible temper. Where did they get these traits from? And what is it about your own personality that could be rubbing them the wrong way?

Sometimes, we lack the self-awareness to be good parents and role models to our children. it is crucial that we first understand ourselves before we can begin the journey towards understanding them and building stronger, healthier family relationships.

9 communication styles for 9 personality types

Your Enneagram type reveals the distinct strategies you use when relating to yourself, others and the world around you. This means instead of just describing what your personality is like, it tells you why your personality causes you to think, feel and act the way that you do.

Each of the nine types has a unique style of interacting with other people. And we run into conflict with others as a result of clashing styles.


Self-awareness and mastery

Once you have insight into how your personality is different from your family members’, you will be able to gain a higher level of self-mastery.

By overcoming your limitations and leveraging on your strengths, you can change the way you manage issues within your family for the better.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover your own personality profile

  • Find out how to bring out the best in you

  • Explore the communication styles of the different personality types

  • Unpack the different motivations behind people’s behaviour

  • Identify the common pitfalls in relationship-building

  • Appreciate diversity in different personality types

  • Analyse the dynamics in key relationships in your life

  • Apply the necessary strategies in conflict management, negotiation skills and leadership

Introduction to the nine enneagram types

You’ll learn about:

  • Different levels of self-mastery

  • 3 different intelligence centres (heart, head, body)

  • Energy orientation (withdrawn, assertive, compliant), wings and growth paths

Type Focus

You’ll learn about:

  • Worldview, thought patterns and emotional patterns of each type

  • Blind spots, defence mechanisms, and key strengths and weaknesses

  • Real life examples through open sharing & discussions

           - Each participant sits with others of his or her own type
           - They describe and answer questions about their preferences, 
              relationship styles and challenges, drawing from their own life


WSQ People Management with Enneagram

20 and 21 Jan (Wed & Thu): In-person

9 and 10  Feb (Tue & Wed): In-person

20 and 27 Feb (Sat): In-person

22 and 23 Feb (Mon & Tue): Online


9am - 6pm


Compulsory for one written and one oral assessment to receive WSQ certificate


Download pricing for enneagram course


Please fill in the registration form here

For more information,

WhatsApp 9783 7313

Couple relationship course.png

The Art & Mastery of Long-Lasting Relationship 

Be in a fulfilling and satisfying relationship that can last a lifetime with internationally respected somatic coaches Madeline Wade & Mark Mooney.

  • Bring your relationship to the next level

  • Couple of 42 years share with you practical skills to be embodied for a lifetime

  • Be prepared for lots of engaging somatic & conversation practice - what work and didn’t work for you

6 weeks online programme

  • Week 1: Purpose of Series - let’s practice! 

  • Week 2: Self-Management 

  • Week 3: Generative Conversations 

  • Week 4: Critical Listening 

  • Week 5: The NEW You 

  • Week 6: Relationship Vision


At the end of the 6 weeks, you will:

  • Build courage to have generative conversations on finance, work commitment, parenting styles, spiritual beliefs, social life, family responsibilities, and expectations as a couple

  • Strengthen your grounding and centering skills for conflict resolution, learn to manage conversations better and make effective request for constructive results

  • Practice conversations that worked and did not work for you, and enhance your problem-solving skills and how to hold hold boundaries

  • Set discussion ground on how to connect, acknowledge and compromise with dignity

  • Negotiate and compromise while holding your values, beliefs and respect

  • Be equipped with tools to manage different behaviour or pattern (eg: walking away, avoid/refuse to discuss, overly accommodating, acquiesce or defensive)

  • Ability for self-management and self-control for a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship 

Madeline Wade

An internationally respected somatic coach, bodyworker and teacher with more than 10,000 client sessions since 1998. Based on Richard Strozzi-Heckler, and Jeanne Kerrigan bodywork and methodology.


Mark Mooney

A master somatic coach, facilitator and teacher who taught at Strozzi Institute for 18 years, and had the honour to teach in the US, the UK, China and Singapore. In the last 28 years, he has more than 8700 teaching, coaching and organisational training hours.

What  is Somatics?

Somatic coaching through the body.

“Soma” refers to the body in its wholeness – mind, body and spirit.

This approach recognises that a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and psychological history is manifested through the body in particular patterns, and by working through the body these historical patterns can be changed.

This gentle, systemic process with expert coaching allows one to open up and reshape ones history – your self – through releasing historical patterns, contractions, tension, and trauma in the body. In this process of opening and releasing long-held patterns and contractions, one creates space for more energy and aliveness in the body.

When there’s more aliveness, there can be more choices, and more opportunity to shift issues in life. This change is sustained by through the practice of a new “shape” and related new life practices.

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