Join Safe Circles Facilitator Yasmin, co-hosted by Vernessa and fellow mums for a safe conversation where you could:

  • Share your frank stories, thoughts and emotions without fear of judgement
  • Be free from advice and have control of your sharing
  • Learn to view other mums with empathy and hold the space for them to be vulnerable
  • Enjoy the good company :)

Mum guilt is something that we mothers battle constantly and a lot of what we want to share remain unsaid, due to societal norms or fear of judgement. Being able to unburden ourselves of these thoughts on a regular basis improves our mental health and gives us the strength to tackle another day (or week!) of parenting. We could never pour into a filled cup. Join us to empty yours.


In order to create a conducive conversation space, please take note of the following:


1. The capacity of the session is limited to 8 mothers.


2. Please note that food is not allowed to be brought inside the studio. 


3. This is a mobile-free session. All mobile phones are required to be switched off during the session.


4. Let’s advocate self-responsibility. Stay home or seek medical attention if unwell. There will be temperature taking before the session and all participants including accompanying children with a temperature of 38C and above will be sent home.


See you soon!

Safe Conversations for Moms


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