Enneagram Personality Course

Level 1: two days Course

Level 2: three days Course

*eligible for SkillsFuture Credits and NTUC UTAP Grant




Your teenage son is sullen and broody, and his sister is a firecracker with a terrible temper. Where did they get these traits from? And what is it about your own personality that could be rubbing them the wrong way?

Sometimes, we lack the self-awareness to be good parents and role models to our children. it is crucial that we first understand ourselves before we can begin the journey towards understanding them and building stronger, healthier family relationships.

9 communication styles for 9 personality types

Your Enneagram type reveals the distinct strategies you use when relating to yourself, others and the world around you. This means instead of just describing what your personality is like, it tells you why your personality causes you to think, feel and act the way that you do.

Each of the nine types has a unique style of interacting with other people. And we run into conflict with others as a result of clashing styles.


Self-awareness and mastery

Once you have insight into how your personality is different from your family members’, you will be able to gain a higher level of self-mastery.

By overcoming your limitations and leveraging on your strengths, you can change the way you manage issues within your family for the better.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover your own personality profile

  • Find out how to bring out the best in you

  • Explore the communication styles of the different personality types

  • Unpack the different motivations behind people’s behaviour

  • Identify the common pitfalls in relationship-building

  • Appreciate diversity in different personality types

  • Analyse the dynamics in key relationships in your life

  • Apply the necessary strategies in conflict management, negotiation skills and leadership

Introduction to the nine enneagram types

You’ll learn about:

  • Different levels of self-mastery

  • 3 different intelligence centres (heart, head, body)

  • Energy orientation (withdrawn, assertive, compliant), wings and growth paths

Type Focus

You’ll learn about:

  • Worldview, thought patterns and emotional patterns of each type

  • Blind spots, defence mechanisms, and key strengths and weaknesses

  • Real life examples through open sharing & discussions

           - Each participant sits with others of his or her own type
           - They describe and answer questions about their preferences, 
              relationship styles and challenges, drawing from their own life


WSQ People Management with Enneagram

20 and 21 Jan (Wed & Thu): In-person

9 and 10  Feb (Tue & Wed): In-person

20 and 27 Feb (Sat): In-person

22 and 23 Feb (Mon & Tue): Online


9am - 6pm


Compulsory for one written and one oral assessment to receive WSQ certificate


Enneagram: 9 communication styles for 9 personality types

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