Body Alphabet by Positive Focus

Body Alphabet designed to help children:

  • release learning stress while simultaneously aid muscle memory in the body
  • develop flexible, strong and stress-free body
  • develop positive thought patterns and language
  • develop better communication and social skills
  • improve visual, auditory and kinesthetic abilities
  • concentrate the child's energy and channel it towards learning
  • develop creative thinking and expression of ideas
  • encourage enthusiasm for language learning - from simple alphabet recognition to spelling and understanding of more challenging words


Child-friendly, physically oriented learning tool which incorporates the child's Mind, Body and Emotions, building a strong foundation in reading readiness, healthy body and positive emotions.


Use it at home or in classroom to create your very own songs, raps, chants, poems, dances, guessing word game, quizzes and positive affirmations. Body alphabet usage is extensive and flexible, your child's intepretation of the Body Alphabet is only limited by their imagination!


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