Private Sessions at Mindful Space

Stretch with Block


Yoga Therapy

$110  - 130 per hour

Yoga belt, blocks, bolster, myofascial release ball and cushion available for yoga therapy class.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki Healing

$180 for 2 hours

Energy healing session that activates relaxation response and help body balance peacefully from a very deep level.

A Tower of Stones


Sound Healing

$120 - 150 per hour

Gong bath, singing bowl, crystal bowl and chakra bowl.

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Private Pre/Postnatal Yoga

$120 per hour

Tone, stretch and strengthen important muscle groups for labour or post-labour to heal and repair the body.

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Aerial Yoga

$150 per hour

Lengthen your spine through supported inversion, stretch your muscles and strengthen your core with hammock.

Yoga Mats


Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

WhatsApp 9783 7313 to enquire

Relieve deep tension, stress and trauma. Helping the body to return to a calmer and balanced state.

Private Sessions are limited to number of pax. 

Home service options might be available. Contact us via WhatsApp 9783 7313 to enquire.

" It was my first 1-1 reiki session and I’m glad to have found Hwee. Her energy is good, and it was an amazing session. I felt much better and relieved, as though the negative energy had been channeled out of my body. She doesn’t rush through the session as well, giving plenty of time to work on areas that need healing." 

Amanda. T