Eleven Workshop Series

Programmes by Positive Focus® led by Ms Has

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Positive Parenting Through Effective Communication

Empower parents with practical and immediately applicable ways on how to lead by example, build trust, mutual respect and retain a positive influence with your children from tots to teen years.



  • Apply positive words, body language and tone of voice to help children focus on their strengths; increasing self-esteem and develop a healthy belief system.

  • Identify unconscious nonverbal signals that you, as a parent, are sending to your children and how they can cause anxiety, constant pressure and affect self-esteem in children.

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Strengthen your Child’s Emotional Resilience

Enable parents to help children achieve self-confidence and inner strength with robust strategies that strengthen both the conscious and unconscious mind



  • Discuss 10 Of The Worst Things You Can Say To Your Child and How You Can Transform Them Into Positive Statements.


  • Identify the best time of the day to practise positive suggestions to help your child deal with life’s challenges effectively.

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Successful Parenting With Your Parenting Styles

Enable parents to discover the nine different personality types to bring out the best parent in you.



  • Identify and discuss the nine behavioural styles of parents to increase your confidence as a parent.

  • Take home ideas on effective action strategies to promote greater understanding, compassion and self-esteem for both you and your child.

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Beat stress before it beats your family!

Equip parents with positive stress management tools that can be easily applied daily.


  • Practise five family friendly breathing techniques to
    calm the mind and body.


  • Practise five simple and practical exercises to enhance concentration and improve memory.

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Mindful feedback in Three Steps

Empower parents with effective strategies to provide feedbacks that inspire a sense of appreciation and motivation in children.



  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to help children listen, focus on their strengths and learn in an engaged and active way.


  • Construct positive feedback to increase positive behaviours in growing children.

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Build your Child’s Brain and Body

Provide parents with child-friendly tools to create endless hours of joyful family bonding moments that build strength, flexibility, increase self-esteem and stimulate creativity.



  • Bring home a fresh approach to educating, exercising and empowering children through A – Z Yoga Play poses.


  • Apply and integrate the Yoga Play poses to make family reading time or bedtime a happy and healthy experience.

Note: Please wear comfortable attire suitable for movements & bring along a yoga mat. Participants are recommended to have their last meal/snack 30 minutes before the workshop to avoid indigestion.

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Positive Psychology Parenting Tips

Provide parents with skills to instil optimism in children and increase positive engagements within the family.



  • Construct praises to develop a growth mindset in children.
 People who hold the Growth Mindset believe that intelligence can be developed, that the brain is like a muscle that can be trained.

  • Bring home ideas on positive projects to promote well–being for the family.

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Learning Styles: (V) Visual , (A) Auditory, 
(K) Kinesthetic, (AD) Auditory Digital

Help parents determine what their preferred learning style and how that affects their learning and teaching / parenting style.


  • Take a test to determine what your preferred learning style is and how that affects your learning and teaching / parenting style. (Your preferred representational system might be different from your child).

  • Identify strategies that work well with various learning styles.

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Improve Speech Clarity and Fluency through Fun and Holistic activities

Equip parents with family friendly activities and strategies to enhance speech development and confidence in  communication.




  • Differentiate voiced and unvoiced sounds  of beginning consonants and short vowels.

  • Exercise the  articulators  (mainly lips, tongue and mouth muscles) to develop speech clarity and accuracy in the English language.

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Positive Parenting with Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP) Eye Accessing Cues

Equip parents with immediately applicable NLP tools to create positive changes in their own lives and discover how they can influence their children in remarkable ways.



  • Decode thinking patterns through NLP eye accessing Cues

  • Improve memory and learning ability with NLP eye accessing cue

Parenting Workshops

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, yet the toughest thing in the world to do." Matt Walsh

Becoming a parent changes one’s life completely. Parenting does not come with a manual on how to do everything from birth through adulthood. It might sometimes be overwhelming even for the most seasoned parents.

Going beyond books and knowledge, being a mindful and positive parent is a trainable skill. Learning how to take action and apply the knowledge we learn.

Mindful Space in collaboration with Positive Focus®

The Positive Focus® workshop series provides a holistic approach to Positive Parenting. The outcome is to empower parents with skills and strategies that emphasise on the equal development of the child’s mind (IQ), body (PQ), behaviour and emotional quotient (EQ).

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Mindful Activities with Babies and Toddlers

Empower parents with creative ways to increase the ability to respond intentionally to and enhance supportive interactions.



Bring home different ways to practice mindfulness

  • Mindful Touch

  • Mindful Breathing

  • Mindful Listening

  • Mindful Movements