Parent & Child

We are role models. Parents are the most powerful person in a child's life - they have the power to influence, shape and groom.


At Mindful Space, we believe in equipping and empowering parents so they can enforce the knowledge and skills learned together as a family. Consistency is the key. Parents are the most important educator.

Join our series of Parent & Child class, and learn skills that can be practiced at home.

How to communicate effectively and positively as a family

How to regulate emotions and stay calm

How to set boundaries

How to persevere

How to challenge ourselves to improve

How to encourage growth mindset

How to practice self-discipline

How to be focus and be mindful

How to enforce positive values as a family

How to balance mind, body and emotions

How to be adaptable and accept changes

How to practice reflection and self-awareness

How to apply gratitude

How to speak, think and behave positively

How to have self-control, inhibitory-skills

How to deal with peer pressure and stress

Quality bonding time while learning life skills that will last a lifetime! This is a better measurement for success for your child.