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What Other Say

mangrove kayaking singapore

"A great afternoon kayaking around Pulau Ubin arranged by Mindful Space.

As always, everything was very well organised and communicated very clearly in advance of the trip.


Our guide was knowledgeable about the flora and fauna we saw, as well as being very patient with our kids! :)


Thank you to the Mindful Space team!"

George Stephens

“Made me realise how important experiences and moments of the past are for me.

Eye opener on my own personality.”
“My first time experiencing how music can connect with art on pen and paper, a revelation for myself.”
“Music means a lot to everyone, even though it’s not the same meaning for all of us, we can somehow relate to each other.”
“Music is the most powerful language; it enhances the experience as a whole.”

Spotify Global Team - Japan, Singapore, India

2020-07-09_spotify by karin ball.png
positive and respectful discipline.png

I love the opening analogy that Vernessa gave for "Respectful and Positive Discipline for Toddlers". It was simple but yet straight to the point. Vernessa was also very warm and shared plenty of information that was beneficial to both the parents and my teachers.

In light of the current situation, her sharing had helped us to relook on how can we reinforce positive discipline with the children.

The interactive workshop on "family yoga focusing on emotions"gave parents an opportunity to practice alongside with the instructors. The duration of the workshop was great too and it was flexible and easy for parents to follow.

Chan Yin Jie, Principal

bullying on social media.png
Green Leaves

The parents' questions were real-life scenarios, it was good learning for the rest of us when Marc shared the various strategies we can consider.

It definitely shows that a lot of thought and effort has been made in curating the various wellness talks, in bringing together quality speakers to share their pearls of wisdom, and doing all these within a very respectful learning environment.


Thank you Vernessa and team! You are an awesome host and the speaker had really insightful sharings. I manage to have some actionable takeaways. You are definitely making a difference in your kind of way :)

Nora Rahim, Mother of a beautiful daughter

Jamilah & Afifiah, Educators

Definitely would recommend this talk to others! he talk not only benefited parents but also teachers. 

The "Respectful and Positive Discipline" webinar for parents with children age 0-3 years old enlightened us on the different aspects of discipline. They made us think about giving the child power and choices in a respectful manner. We are now more aware of the choice of words we used towards the toddler.

It will definitely help us in terms of communication with the younger ones!

Lake Landscape

My First Skool Teachers

Our very first parent and child yoga for babies and toddlers session with Mindful Space. The instructors presented an easy to follow yoga for the defined age group. It is the first time the parents and child participated in a virtual yoga session.


Parents and child were able to follow along and enjoy the session.

Everyday routines were given as a yoga move such as brushing your teeth. Instructions were short and sharp, simple to understand.

White Sands


The owner of Mindful Space has been a joy to work with! She is very reasonable to converse with, helpful and does what she can to enhance the experience of using the space. Highly recommended!

On the Water


I resonate strongly with the purpose of Mindful Space to create quality learning and experiences for parents

and their children.


Whether it is their programmes or their spaces, it is the positive vibes of Mindful Space and Vernessa that attracts me most!

White Grass


I choose Mindful Space as Vernessa has got really good energy around her. The way she handles and manages her studio is really well done. It is physically, hygienically and energetically clean; the vibration in the space is positive.

Beautiful Nature


It’s important for me to understand the mission and values of the people I work with. This is because ultimately, it’s the people that make up the energy of the space. You’ll regret it if you don’t check it out. Vernessa and team have done a tremendously great job in setting up the place!


Hui Qin

I joined the first session feeling a little skeptical (my first exposure to such sessions). I'm glad I stuck around, and sincerely appreciate that Vernessa shared the notes

as I missed some sessions

(so tired I fell asleep with the kids).

Landscape with Animals


This has been an incredibly enlightening and valuable learning with Isabelle. 200% appreciation to Vernessa for bringing high quality webinars and teachers.

Lake Landscape


The Kids Dancexercise! class

is so good. Both of my kids look forward to it.

I can tell teacher Nashwa put in lots of thought and effort into making it work.

The Flock

Jia Hui

I like the physical action of throwing away the unhelpful feelings, and the analogy of closing the multiple windows opened on the laptop.

Thank you.

Hiking in Nature


What I like are the unique tips, such as physically clearing multiple windows in our mind by asking ourselves if those serve us well. This technique sticks with me as a very visual way of clearing what is on our mind.

Tropical Leaves


Yes, I applied the centering and grounding techniques, they were especially useful.


Practised the breathing exercise when I was overwhelmed with exhaustion and/or about to lose my temper with my child. I apply 2-3 times a week. On really tough days, even twice a day


Sand Dunes


Observation after application: Overall, a sense of calmness, huge surge of gratefulness and happiness flooding my entire being. I feel at peace with myself, and with the world. 


When I'm exhausted, this could perhaps translate to 7/10 or 8/10. On normal days, it fills my cup to a 10/10 in terms of the above mentioned happy emotions :D

Foggy Mountains


I truly enjoyed the session and techniques taught by Isabelle! It helped to ground me a lot and provide a space to be mindfully present. Looking forward to her next session

Rock Formations


Last night, I started putting what Isabelle taught into good use: using the pre-frontal cortex to make an intentional decision at the point before my own emotions go into "flood" position. With this, I am able to hold a space for my son

Landscape with Animals


Every morning, I am practising "clearing the space" strategy. It helps me to prioritise my feelings and emotions. I’ve shared this strategy with my husband too :)

Snow Forest Road


The reactions I have are linked to personal family history and continue to be difficult to control, it feels almost impossible. However, now i have a technique to debrief and analyse with my family.



The 5 triggers are very helpful when you can name it! Sometimes I don’t even know what triggers me. Under pressure, we fall back to our level of our training.

Yes!! love this



Very insightful to understand how the body works. Helps me understand my emotions so I can better manage and regulate myself. I am grateful that this course was introduced to me. You are making a difference in people's life.



I really like the framestorm strategy, it's very timely for some of my current decision-making process. The centering exercise on "having your back" resonates with me.



Isabelle is good at distilling the concept such that we can understand and apply the techniques.

I find the S.S.T.O.P technique

complements the mindfulness practice,

a good tool to use during difficult moments. 

The sessions are practical and informative.

Ocean Pier


It was my first 1 -1 reiki session and I’m glad to have found Hwee. Her energy is good, and it was an amazing session. I felt much better and relieved, as though the negative energy had been channelled out of my body. She doesn’t rush through the session as well, giving plenty of time to work on areas that need healing."

Fragile Pampas


I implemented the smile strategy (S.S.T.O.P) on my children and realised smiling is contagious.

Flowers in Glass Jar


Thank you, Vernessa and Isabelle. The sessions were really useful. You have touched so many families with your kindness.

Grateful for your time.

White Plants


Really looking forward to the other upcoming webinars that I have signed up for. Thank you very much!!

Green Leaves


I’m really rooting for Mindful Space to grow in Singapore despite Covid challenge.


It’s a wonderful platform for parents and kids to learn so many things. It’s not just parents & kids, there are classes for self care, yoga, reiki, women's circle, talks for couples & marriages, self growth.

The topics are very interesting and relevant.


I don’t think there’s another place providing as comprehensive coverage as Mindful Space.

It’s really unique.

Rock Maze


The pace of the webinars and crowd size is good, and more importantly, has a very gentle and supportive environment to learn.


Explanation of the theory followed by actual hands-on practice enables me to first understand mentally, and then witness and experience the actual process of the application.


This helps a lot because I would know how I felt before and after the application.

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