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Changemaker in Singapore
by Monash University (Australia)

As a mother, educator and coach, Vernessa finds supporting families, parents and children give her a real sense of purpose.

She established the first physical platform that curates holistic and inclusive parent and child activities in Singapore. She is also the first pregnancy loss coach in South  East Asia.

Mindfulness with Mother Nature

by Adventures Network

The art of mindfulness is to disconnect to connect, and constant reflection is the only way to grow as a family. Parenting is a self-work journey.

Being mindful is not about being right, it's about being aware and present. Each moment of meltdown and tantrums is an opportunity to teach and share our family values.

Family Mindfulness

by National Museum Singapore

Visit some of the National Museum of Singapore's most well-loved spaces virtually, and practise mindfulness through fun activities, breathing exercises and relaxing stretches.

Mindfulness is a practice that starts from home, and can be done anywhere, anytime.


After losing 3 pregnancies, a mother is now helping other women cope with grief

The pregnancy loss circle and ontological coaching provides a “holding space” for women going through pregnancy loss so that they can be “authentically them”.

She wanted to become a pregnancy loss coach, to change how women view grief and help them move forward with hope.

"Seeing the shift in women gave me light. I have also learned my worth as a woman and wife. Even if I don’t have a child, he still loves me for who I am.”

Oct 2021

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Mindful Space Parenting Support: Self Care is Child Care

Vernessa Chuah aims to give such mothers the time and space to heal. The goal of the Mother’s Circle is to provide a safe space. “Sometimes, mums come in and they have a lot of baggage and can’t tell anybody else.”

It’s this baggage that can damage a mother’s mental health, as well as her ability to be “present”. “We cannot support our children and family, if we are running thin and on 10-percent battery all the time,”.

Sep 2021

Pregnancy Loss.png

When the Struggle is Very Real 

With her team of professionals, Vernessa has created several shared communities – Mother’s Circle, Women’s Circle and the Pregnancy Loss Circle – to empower women and couples experiencing fertility challenges.

"Three pregnancy loss...I am familiar with the grief and pain women go through when they lose their baby. The endless crying and ‘why’, the guilt and blame of how or what we could have done to avoid
it – was it something we ate or was it something else that caused it?”

November 2020


OneMumpreneur #03 Vernessa Chuah

Possessing a strong passion for education, Vernessa spent more than a decade gaining experience as an educator in Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Thereafter, Vernessa identified three gaps in education and parenting: 1) well-being of parents, 2) knowledge and skills, 3) bonding and learning as a family. She was thus inspired to start Mindful Space, the first parent and child physical platform in Singapore that curates quality learning and experiences.

29 Apr 2020


9 important character traits to instil in your children

Vernessa Chuah, a mother and the founder of Mindful Space, a holistic and inclusive space that seeks to empower parent and child with life skills, notes that while paper qualifications may be an important stepping stone to more opportunities, it’s even more important to focus on the bigger picture. She says, “The life skills, relationships and social network our children acquire will be the essentials that bring them through life later on.”

8 Oct 2019

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I Suffered Three Pregnancy Losses and Found My Calling in My Grief

"Staying busy became my way to cope. Thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough” would seep in when I wasn’t doing something. I packed my activities back-to-back."


"I was always working and taking up new courses. But the restlessness I had was really a flight response. I constantly wanted to achieve more to prove my sense of worth. Being in stress mode actually made me feel good – cortisol can be addictive." Vernessa

Sep 2021


Parenting doesn't take place between a parent and child, but within the parent. It starts with us. A calm and regulated adult can regulate a dysregulated child, but a dysregulated adult can never calm a dysregulated child. Remember that taking care of yourself is part of taking care of the family. 

I remind myself to NOT to pack my schedule so tight that I am only parenting in my spare time.

March 2021


The Positive Pathway Interview  by Stuart Stephen Clifford

I was teary when I talked about Elvanna wheeling me into the surgery room.


Strong support groups and self-work helped me to pull through my pregnancy losses and 52 stitches in my ear.

I am now one-ear-deaf, yet I feel even more empowered and inspired than before to do the things I am passionate about. It's when you realised you have a 10% chance of the infection reoccurring, you live the best you can. 

12 July 2020

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March School Holidays 2020: Great Fun for Kids Indoors and Out!

"...they will learn to control their minds for better focus and calmness, just like their Star Wars heroes, through various activities including sensorial play, creative arts, yoga, breathing techniques and visualisation, and in doing so, strengthen their emotional, physical and mental resilience."

18 Feb 2020

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Mindful Space x Mindfulness:
A Special Feature

“Why do we need to speak positively, my parents yell and nag at me all the time” This was my AHA moment as an educator. It all starts at home with the parents. Without parents reinforcement on the values such as resilience, positivity, empathy and kindness, these are just talk in the air.

Parenting the way they are familiar with, and many of us in Asia countries grown up being spank or yell at when we don’t listen or do as instructed.

Sep 2021

aerial family.JPG

It was a true workout and I could also feel myself getting a little breathless at how exhilarating the poses were. The most difficult part of the session was where your child had to climb on the hammock to stand on your feet while you’re safely held upside down by the hammock.

Would we do it again? Definitely! We’re still talking about the experience and my daughter proudly shows her grandparents photos of what she did.

March 2021

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How a Mumpreneur faces the  stress of Covid-19 to keep her studio going

During challenging times like these for all SMEs especially, it feels even more crucial that we remember why we started and who we want to help. Resuming our business also means pivoting our strategies to decide how to go from here.

have to credit the circuit breaker for my newfound video editing skills. I’ve also gained so much experience facilitating online sessions, learning something new from every expert I have featured in our initiative – #ExpertChat.

20 June 2020

Monash Education

Mindful Space presents #ExpertChat

Mindful Space presents #ExpertChat - parents ask questions live to our panel of international experts (occupational therapist, nutritionist, neurofeedback practitioner, family psychiatrist, family coach and more). New topic every week!

Parenting is a skill we need to learn, it all starts with us as parents - how to be a proactive, positive and respectful role model for the future generation.

13 Dec 2019