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OneMumpreneur #03 Vernessa Chuah

Possessing a strong passion for education, Vernessa spent more than a decade gaining experience as an educator in Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Thereafter, Vernessa identified three gaps in education and parenting: 1) well-being of parents, 2) knowledge and skills, 3) bonding and learning as a family. She was thus inspired to start Mindful Space, the first parent and child physical platform in Singapore that curates quality learning and experiences.

29 Apr 2020

9 important character traits to instil in your children

Vernessa Chuah, a mother and the founder of Mindful Space, a holistic and inclusive space that seeks to empower parent and child with life skills, notes that while paper qualifications may be an important stepping stone to more opportunities, it’s even more important to focus on the bigger picture. She says, “The life skills, relationships and social network our children acquire will be the essentials that bring them through life later on.”

8 Oct 2019

March School Holidays 2020: Great Fun for Kids Indoors and Out!

"...they will learn to control their minds for better focus and calmness, just like their Star Wars heroes, through various activities including sensorial play, creative arts, yoga, breathing techniques and visualisation, and in doing so, strengthen their emotional, physical and mental resilience."

18 Feb 2020

Mindful Space presents #ExpertChat

Mindful Space presents #ExpertChat - parents ask questions live to our panel of international experts (occupational therapist, nutritionist, neurofeedback practitioner, family psychiatrist, family coach and more). New topic every week!

Parenting is a skill we need to learn, it all starts with us as parents - how to be a proactive, positive and respectful role model for the future generation.

13 Dec 2019

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