Lim Lishan

Lishan has been teaching yoga for 5 years now and practising for over 6 years. With her teaching deeply rooted in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles, she emphasises heavily on anatomical alignment and mindfulness. She believes that the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga can be reaped with dedication to practice and education of yoga philosophy.

She is also accredited in numerous holistic practices, from neurolinguistic programming to motivational coaching, meditation, kinesiology, reiki and sound therapy.
She has taught in corporate, private and group settings and her clients range from young kids to the elderly. She has overseas experience sharing her practice in Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Lishan is also certified in FloatFit, HIIT and TRX classes. 

Lishan hopes that through yoga, her students may find peace, harmony and purpose through the alignment of mind, body and soul. 

She shares why ‘how we breathe is how we live’: 

In yoga, pranayama (breathing) is central to steadying the fluctuations of our mind. By practising prescribed patterns, we get to understand and control our ego-centric mind and connect to our heart. By breathing into our lower belly, heart, ribs and collar bones, we are expanded to our full capacity. By forcing our exhales and allowing the inhale to come naturally, we eliminate what we don't need. By inhaling for 4 counts, holding for 6 and exhaling for 8, we give more than we receive and create a 'gap' for contemplation. When dealing with negativity, exhale fully and hold for as long as it is comfortable- let go of what doesn't serve you anymore. 

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