Hwee Hwee Koh

Yoga was a life changer for Hwee. Since the spinal injury in her teens, followed by numerous other afflictions as a result of sports and activities, the low impact workout was an ideal way for keeping fit, while relaxing the body and the mind.

The benefits of yoga soon extended beyond the physical. With greater focus, deeper self-knowledge and a renewed clarity, she sought an even more meaningful and spiritual approach to life. The search led her to the practice of breath meditation,


Rebirthing Breathwork (featuring therapeutic breathing techniques), Vipassana meditation, Kundalini Yoga and many more. This new life path motivated her to further her learning beyond Singapore. In 2017,


She left her corporate life behind and landed in a Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava temple. Through living as Brahmacharini (devoted female student) in the temple’s ashram, she discovered her true meaning and identity in life.

The next stop on her journey of self-discovery brought her to one of the oldest yoga schools in the world, G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalydham in Lonavla, Pune, India. She attained her Hatha Yoga teaching certifications from both Kaivalydham and Quality Council of India (QCI) by Indian Yoga Association.

She believes that one important reason to practise yoga is to help us gain true

self-awareness. Asanas (physical exercise/postures) and meditation are essentially one integrated practice. It is said that we don't do meditation; meditation happens to us.


We allow the self to experience insights and transcend the hustle and bustle of daily life. Dealing with injuries in her youth has taught her as a teacher, to be even more mindful in giving variation and modification for all body types during the practice of postures.


In addition to yoga, she discovered the benefits of Reiki healing, experiencing an unprecedented progress in the recovery of an old injury in the wrist, which had accumulated much stress over the years. She has since become an advanced Reiki Level 3 practitioner.