How to Manage FAQs

Last Updated

9/4/2024 20:38

To enhance efficiency and ensure relevant information is easily accessible, our CMS allows FAQs to be managed centrally. This guide explains how to organise, add, and maintain FAQ content appropriately.

Organising FAQs

Categories and Relevance

  • FAQs are grouped into categories to streamline management and relevancy.
  • Categories are tagged to events based on their context (e.g., 'Outdoor Specific Questions' for outdoor events).

Current Categories include;

  1. General Information & Policies
  2. Booking/Scheduling/Cancellations
  3. Class Preparation & Safety Guidelines
  4. Accommodations & Inclusivity
  5. Facilities & Amenities
  6. Aerial Specific Questions
  7. Outdoor Specific Questions
  8. Parent Child Class Specific Questions
  9. Adult Classes
  10. Health & Wellness Benefits
  11. Studio Rental
  12. Special/Private Events
  13. Feedback & Support

Managing FAQ Content

Adding Categories to an Event

  • During the creation or editing of an event, navigate to 'FAQ Categories'.
  • Select all categories that apply to the event to ensure only relevant FAQs are displayed.

Adding a New Question

  • Navigate to the 'FAQs' Collection and click 'New FAQ'.
  • Enter the Q&A Title (for internal use) and the slug.
  • Choose the appropriate category. If applicable, select multiple categories.
  • Input the exact wording of the question and answer as they will appear on the website.
Navigate to FAQs Collection and click + New FAQ
Fill out the details and click Create

Removing a Question

  • To remove a FAQ, locate it in the FAQs collection, and select delete. This will remove the question from all associated categories and events.

Creating a New Category

  • If an existing category doesn't suit your needs, create a new one under 'FAQ Categories' collection.
  • After creating the the FAQ Category, return to the FAQs collection to add your question.
Navigate to FAQ Categories Collection and click + New FAQ Category
Fill in the details and click Create

By following these guidelines, you can maintain a well-organised and user-friendly FAQ section that adapts to the specific needs of each event, enhancing both management and user experience.