How to Manage Testimonials

Last Updated

10/4/2024 15:59

Our CMS consolidates all types of testimonials, ranging from studio rental reviews to feedback from parents about classes, into the 'Testimonials' collection. This unified approach allows for streamlined management and organisation of customer feedback across various contexts. Here’s how you can effectively manage these testimonials:

Accessing the Testimonials Collection

  • Navigate to Collections > Testimonials to view all entries.

Creating a New Testimonial

  • Click on the + New Testimonial button to start creating a new entry.

Editing an Existing Testimonial

  • Select a testimonial from the list to edit.
  • After making the necessary changes, click 'Save'. All changes will reflect on the live website upon the next publication.

All reviews/testimonials are stored within the ‘Testimonials’ collection.  Access it by going to Collections > Testimonials

Create New

To create a new testimonial, click on the + New Testimonial button

Edit Existing

To edit an existing testimonial, select it from the collection list, make the necessary edits and click ‘Save’.  All changes will be reflected on the live website the next time it is published.

Fields Explained


Enter a name for the review, used internally for easier identification. Use the format: [type/source]-[name/company]-[year], e.g., workshop-shopee-2021.


This is a unique URL generated by the CMS and is not used publicly.

Testimonial Type

Specify the type of testimonial. This determines where on the website the testimonial will appear. For example, 'Studio Rental' testimonials will only appear on the Studio Rental page.


The origin of the testimonial. In some places throughout the website, this field will be used to show a logo (Google, Facebook, etc) of where the review is coming from.

Reviewer Name

The name of the individual or company providing the testimonial.

Reviewer Description

A brief description of the reviewer to add credibility or context.

Reviewer Photo

Upload a photo of the reviewer or related to the review content.

Review Body Full

The complete text of the review as provided. Edit for web presentation, such as breaking text into paragraphs.

Review Body Snippet

A short excerpt from the full review to serve as a preview on the website.

Review Date

The original date of the review, used for sorting on the website.

Event Name

If applicable, specify the event related to the testimonial.

Event Date

The date when the related event took place.

Event Type

This field is set to be removed in the future but is currently used for some corporate testimonials.

Event Location

Useful for testimonials related to multiple events at different locations, especially for corporate or school workshops.

Event Location appearing alongside the reviewer name.

Video Testimonial Link

Include a link to a video testimonial if available. This is currently used only on the rental page.

YouTube video as it appears embedded in the review.