Add New Media Feature

Last Updated

8/4/2024 15:40

In order to minimise the number of places that items have to be updated, all media logos throughout the website are all pulling from the ‘Media Features’ collection.

To add a new Media Feature Item;

CMS Collections > Media Features > New Media Feature



The name of the feature as it will appear on the website.


CMS generated, can ignore as it does not get published


The logo of the publication where Mindful Space was featured.

As the logo may be used across different backgrounds, please always use logos with transparent backgrounds, ideally in svg format to ensure small file size and high quality.

Short Description

Short description of what was featured

External Link

Link to article

Service Featured

What was the feature about - this determines where the logos are being placed if they are in reference to a specific category - e.g. features about the Founder will be place