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Kids Holiday Camp in Nov / Dec

Mindfulness + Aerial + Yoga + Creative Arts

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Age 6 - 12

Nov 24 - 26 , 1 - 4pm 

Dec 8 - 10, 1 - 4pm 

Dec 16 - 18, 1 - 4 pm

Dec 21 - 23 , 1 - 4pm 

Age 4 - 7

Dec 21 -  23, 9am - 12pm 


Price: $240 per child (3 days)

10% off for siblings/buddy sign up


Venue: 10 winstedt road, blk A, 02-02, S227977 (Newton)

Min. 5 pax to commence


Aerial Yoga

  • An inversion is a great tool for self-regulation to the central nervous system

  • Fun and therapeutic environment to flip, rock and swing to improve body and spatial awareness

  • Upside down with the help of gravity aligns and decompress the spine, promotes blood circulation and a calming sensory to the brain

  • Movements in different orientations and directions help develop a strong sense of balance; train the brain's focus, motor planning and working memory

  • Up in the air enhanced self-confidence, responsibility and require good observation and listening skills to move in and out of different poses

Mindfulness and Yoga

  • Breathwork and mindful walking in the garden with the birds, lizards and butterflies improves children's ability to self-regulate, stay calm and centred.

  • Yoga stories customised by Yvonne brings children to a whole new world of imagination that enhance creativity and possibilities. Advocating the value of being open and willing to learn.

  • Mindful movements help to improve children’s ability to stay focused, and build a growth mindset of "I can do it".

  • Yoga with positive affirmations develops the child's confidence and resilience especially when it comes to balancing - the value of stability before mobility in real life.

Creative Arts

Expressive, engaging and fun sessions through stories, role-play, art, music and movement to:

  • Release thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative space

  • Make sense of the environment and relationship to others

  • Boost self-confidence and self-awareness

  • Develop positive communication skills

  • Build emotional and mental resilience through play


Karin is a dedicated Drama and Movement Psychotherapist with over 10 years’ experience working with various client groups in England, Thailand, Singapore and Sweden. She specialises in working with children and adolescents with various support needs, helping them to release inner thoughts and feelings.


Wennye teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Aerial Yoga for more than 5 years. She has followed various respectable teachers to learn the different school of yoga techniques to enhance her knowledge and depth in the body biomechanics, flexibility and strength. She enjoys flying in aerial hammocks as it gives her a sense of lightness.


Yvonne has been teaching yoga for 10 years. Together with her daughter, Alexis, she created Kids Mindful Movement, a yoga and mindfulness practice based on stories. She will show how you can use your superpower - your BREATH, with an, inhale and an exhale, you can walk through life with a centered head achieving your dreams and goals.

+65 6910 5770

​Whatsapp +65 9783 7313

10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977.  Beside ACS Junior (Newton MRT)

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