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We have curated 3 levels of family kayaking adventures. They are designed to scaffold an experience in terms of the level of physical activity, distance as well as the duration of the program. Families are encouraged to start with Level 1 and then progressively journey through Levels 2 and 3. Level 3 Ubin Bisect Expedition brings participants traversing through the mangroves as well as a portage experience.

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There is a variety of biking routes in Pulau Ubin which ranges from easy paths to off-road trails. They will bring us to different parts of the island and it gives us the opportunity to discover some of the key landmarks on Pulau Ubin. 

Similarly, we have curated 2 Levels of the Biking Adventures. For those who are new to biking as a family, we recommend that you start off with the Level 1, Family Biking Discovery. And you can always come back for more adventure with the Bike Trail Adventure where you get to explore the rest of the island. 

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"It was great that it wasn't just about the kayaking, but learning about the mangrove swamp, and being able to go up close to nature was key to the overall experience. A meaningful and fun activity, well facilitated and organised!"



"A great afternoon kayaking around Pulau Ubin arranged by Mindful Space.

As always, everything was very well organised and communicated very clearly in advance of the trip.


Our guide was knowledgeable about the flora and fauna we saw, as well as being very patient with our kids! :)


Thank you to the Mindful Space team!"

George Stephens

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"For many parents who maybe apprehensive, as I was, about whether it would be challenging having another young child in tandem kayaking.


I would reassure them that it’s in fact super fun and very manageable with little or no experience. The instructors are extremely engaging and helpful, and will easily set your mind at ease."

"The highlight was definitely the wonderful experience of just kayaking together and appreciating nature with my son.



Frequently asked questions

Booking & Group Sizes

How do I do a booking for the program?

Mangrove Kayaking Level 1: Family Kayaking discovery (East) Level 2: Mangrove Kayaking Adventure (West) Level 3: Ubin Bisect Expedition (North - South) Cycling Level 1: Family Biking Discovery Level 2: Bike Trail Adventure For more information WhatsApp 9783 7313

What is the minimum number of participants to go?

Our programs are generally designed for four-to-go (minimum of 4 participants). For less than four, please contact us to see if there are possible pairing available. For larger groups with more than 8 people, please contact us. WhatsApp 9783 7313

When is the booking deadline?

The booking deadline is 3 days (5pm GMT +8) before each indicated programme date. For group bookings above 8 people, please contact us at least 1 week before programme date. WhatsApp 9783 7313

Can I change the program date after I have booked it?

Changes to program date is subject to availability. Please contact us to check with us. WhatsApp 9783 7313 In the event that we are unable to accede to your request for change of date, please refer to our cancellation policy.

What are the payment modes?

Option 1: PayNow Mindful Space Pte Ltd UEN: 201906545M001 Reference: Your Name Option 2: Internet Banking OCBC Bank (Bank Code 7339 / Branch Code 550) Mindful Space Pte Ltd 6875 8494 6001

Can I request for a private program?

Yes, our programs can be made private at a surcharge. Please contact us to make a request. WhatsApp 9783 7313

What if I would like to request for certain dates?

Date request depends on the availability (eg: kayak, tide timing, experential leader etc). Please WhatsApp 9783713 / Email

  • Full Name
  • Mobile
  • Email Address
  • Child DOB
  • Date Request
  • Activity (Kayak Level 1/2/3 or Cycling Level 1/2)
  • Number of pax

What is the price?

KAYAKING Level 1: Family Kayaking Discovery (East) 4 pax for $400 Level 2: Mangrove Kayakinng Adventure (West) 4 pax for $400 Level 3: Ubin Bisect Expedition (North- South) 4 pax for 480 CYCLING Level 1: Family Biking Discovery 4 Pax for $318 Level 2: Biking Trail Adventure 4 Pax for $400

Preparing for the Program

What should I wear?

For kayaking:

  • Sun hat / cap
  • T-shirt / Tank Top / Rash Guard
  • Shorts / Leggings / Bermudas / Surf Shorts / Sports Pants
  • Swimwear (underneath)
  • Covered footwear**
For biking:
  • Sun hat / cap
  • T-shirt / Tank Top
  • Shorts / Leggings / Bermudas / Shorts / Sports Pants
  • Covered footwear**
** Please note that covered footwear is mandatory for safety purposes. Participants are not allowed to join the program barefoot, in slippers, or open-toe sandals. For those kayaking, your shoes will get wet during launch-off of the kayaks.

What should I bring?

  • Cash money (no ATM on Ubin island)
  • Ziplock / waterproof bag
  • A change of fresh clothes (basic shower facilities available)
  • A change of shoes
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal medication
  • A bottle of water, recommend 1-litre water bottle
  • Keepers for eyewear; if you wear contact lenses, please bring along a pair of your spectacles as well
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Insect repellant
  • Helmet for cycling (if applicable)
  • Own bicycle if applicable (ferry charges applies). For the cycling activity, tandem bicycles or bicycles with training wheels are not allowed.

How do I get there?

How do I get to Pulau Ubin?

Step 1: Arrive at Changi Point Ferry Terminal By car

  • Route to “51 Lor Bekukong, 499172”.
  • Parking is available at the open air carpark nearby, or at Changi Village Hotel.
  • Lots are limited and subject to availability.
By taxi
  • Inform driver that you would like to get to “Changi Point Ferry Terminal”, or “Changi Village”.
By public transport
  • Nearest MRT station is “Pasir Ris”.
  • Nearest bus station is “Changi Village Bus Terminal” with bus numbers “2, 29, 59, 109”.
  • Duration approximately 30 mins by car / taxi; approximately 60 mins by public transport (travelling from Central Singapore)
Step 2: Take ferry to Pulau Ubin
  • Join the queue by telling the boatman that you would like to go to Pulau Ubin.
  • The ferry leaves when there are 9 - 12 people.
  • Pay cash (SGD $4 per person) directly to the boatman.
  • Duration approximately 10 – 15 mins (excludes approximately 30 mins waiting time for ferry)

General Information

Are there any pre-requisites to the program?

Mangrove Kayaking Participants do not need to know how to swim for our kayaking programs with the exception of the kayaking certification programs. Level 1: Family Kayaking discovery (East) Level 2: Mangrove Kayaking Adventure (West) Level 3: Ubin Bisect Expedition (North - South)

  • pre-requsite: Level 2: Mangrove Kayaking Adventure (West)
Cycling Basic cycling ability is required for the bike programs. You have the option to bring your own bike. Please note that training wheels for children bike or tandem bikes are not allowed. Helmets are compulsory. Level 1: Family Biking Discovery Level 2: Bike Trail Adventure

What are the minimum ages for children?

Children must be 7 years old and above in order to join our programs. For those with children below 7 years old, please have a chat with us. WhatsApp 9783 7313 As younger children might sometimes just sit and enjoy the scenery while the parents kayak, we suggest parents manage expectation and ability to kayak alone in such event.

Do I need to be physically fit in order to join your programs?

Our programs are not physically challenging and are manageable. In addition, please note that we have indicated different levels of challenge for families and you may want to start from Level 1 and progressively experience through the levels However, if you have sustained an injury or have gone for an operation recently, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a doctor before joining our programs. As younger children might sometimes just sit and enjoy the scenery while the parents kayak, we suggest parents manage expectation and ability to kayak alone in such event.

What kind of kayaks do you use?

We are using double open deck (sit on top) kayaks for all our kayaking programs except for the kayaking certification programs. Should you wish to use to use a single closed deck kayak, kindly get in touch with us prior to the program. Please note that a valid 1-star kayaking certificate is required for use of single closed-deck kayaks.

Are bicycles provided for the Biking Programs?

Bicycles for all our cycling expeditions are provided. Helmets are compulsory.

What if I would like to bring my own bike for the biking Program?

There is an option for you to use your own bike for the Biking Programs. Please note that training wheels for children bike or tandem bikes are not allowed. Helmets are compulsory. WhatsApp 9783 7313

Who will be taking photos?

The experential leader main role is to guide you through the mangrove path safely, educate on the flora and fauna and provide an experience for you and your family to remember. It is a bonus if the experential leader can take photos for you (value-add). Our priority is safety and create bonding moments. You can bring your own waterproof pouch for your phones / camera at your own risk.

Cancellation, Late Coming & No Show

What is your cancellation policy?

When you book a program and pay for it on our website, under a discounted rate, it is normally fully prepaid, non-cancellable, non-changeable, and non-refundable reservation. This type of booking will result in penalties, if cancelled, the entire program paid, including taxes. To cancel a program, kindly get in touch with us. WhatsApp 9783 7313 Penalty charges will apply for late cancellation.

What if I am late for my program?

If you know that you are running late for our program, please contact us to inform us if possible. There is a 15 minute grace period from stipulated program start times. Late-comers will not be able to join the program once it has commenced. Contact us: WhatsApp 9783 7313

What happens if I am ill and unable to make it for the program?

In such a scenario, we advise that you get in touch with us immediately. We will assist to make arrangements for a postponement or participant replacement, subject to availability. If neither is not possible, penalty charge for no show is 100% of the program fees. Contact us: WhatsApp 9783 7313

Weather Considerations

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Our programs are designed to operate in both dry and wet weather. In the event of bad weather, we will work with our participants for postponement. Bad weather is defined as: 1) poor visibility (reduced to less than 1 km; cannot see Singapore from Pulau Ubin), 2) lightning is local (our mobile lightning detectors indicate 0 – 5 miles), 3) wind is too strong (Beaufort 5; 16-20 knots; Fresh Breeze; Many whitecaps, small amounts of spray). However, the likelihood of bad weather is low, and occasions where programs did not proceed were few and far in between. Our leaders will make the decision for postponement when bad weather persists for more than 1 hour from scheduled start time of program. Participants not present will be treated as no show, and penalty charge is 100 percent of the program fees.