Trauma Sensitive Yoga: 5 Weeks Programme
April - TBD | Mindful Space Pte Ltd

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: 5 Weeks Programme

Time & Location

April - TBD
Mindful Space Pte Ltd, 10 Winstedt Road, Blk A 02-02, Singapore 227977

About the Event

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga 5 Weeks Program

Program runs Sundays from 4:40pm – 5:40pm for 5 weeks. 

This is not for everyone. 

If you have experienced a traumatic event or am looking for way to calm your mind and regain safety in your body, this gentle and respectful practice might be for you. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is developed at the Trauma Centre at the Justice Resource Institute in the US by David Emerson and David Emerson and trauma expert, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, and the programs are solidly based in trauma, attachment theory, neuroscience, and yoga. 

Centered in practices of invitation, choice, and mindful body awareness (introception), Trauma Sensitive Yoga can help people who are living with trauma to release tension, strengthen their sense of self determination by learning to tolerate physical sensations. 

This is not a yoga style you would typically see in an ordinary yoga practice. 

The Science Behind Trauma Yoga

According to research, yoga has greater beneficial effects in alleviating traumatic stress symptoms as the best possible medications. One study with a group of women who had suffered domestic violence, and were exposed to a 12-week trauma sensitive yoga course of one class a week, showed a reduction in severity of PTSD symptoms and frequency of dissociative symptoms, and gains in vitality and body attunement.

In other research conducted at the Trauma Centre, they found patients who had been in therapy for over ten years and were placed on a trauma sensitive yoga program had a significant decrease in symptoms of PTSD.  This evidence-based, mindful movement group program utilises TCTSY, an empirically validated, clinical intervention for complex trauma, PTSD, dissociative disorders and other related behavioural and emotional difficulties.

About the Facilitator 

KRISA QIU (Maa Krishna Ananda)

Krisa is one of the only two certified facilitators in Singapore to undergo a 7 month 300 hours Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teaching Training Certification. No physical, hands-on assists are used in class as the emphasis is on the internal experiences and not on external appearance or “doing things right”. Chairs, mats and blankets are provided and the entire class can be practiced using a chair if preferred.

She is a long time yoga practitioner and completed her traditional Yoga and Ayurveda in India. As a mother, she believes in mindful birthing and is a Pre and Post Natal instructor. She constantly accredits meditation as the transformative force in her life. It was only through much introspection and development of her inner awareness that she is now able to bring joy and maturity into each class she conducts. 

Other Details

  • There will be a short phone interview before joining the program. The purpose of the interview is to share more about the program, answer potential questions you may have and to assess if this program is suitable.
  • A minimum of 3 people per program (full refund applicable)
  • Fees for 5 weeks TCSTY program is $175 per person
  • This is a closed group program to ensure predictability and safety; the first 2 weeks are open so participants are welcome to join or leave in the first 2 weeks with refund.

WhatsApp 9783 7313

  • 5 weeks Programme

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