FREE TRIAL: Tension Release Exercises TRE®
Mon, 25 May | Zoom

FREE TRIAL: Tension Release Exercises TRE®

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Time & Location

25 May 2020, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

About the Event

TRE® founded by Dr. Berceli is taught in over 40 countries by certified teachers. This session is taught by Isabelle Claus Teixeira, Global Certified TRE® Provider. 

The "shaking meditation," was noted in Harper's Bazaar as one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019. TRE was also featured last May in Oprah magazine.

 The 7 series TRE® exercises are simple and profound to:

  • practice deep tension relief anytime & anywhere to shed off accumulated stress.
  • increase the resiliency of your body as shaking mechanism in the muscles causes deep relaxation that naturally reduces stress levels.
  • help release and resolve past trauma. TRE training is provided to military and emergency services in the Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Ukraine, Canada, US, Brazil, and Poland. Group learning experience is suitable for people who are not easily overwhelmed by stress. If you struggle with self-regulation, or are aware that you have significant unresolved traumas, or have any questions about TRE®, please contact us.

Monday: 25 May

7:00 - 8:30pm (Singapore GMT +8)

Limited to 9 pax only


  • Sign up early to secure your spot. 
  • Participants should be over 12 years old and be committed to follow instructions and stay the whole duration of the session.
  • If any participant has mobility issue, we can cater with modifications of the exercises by using chairs.
  • No upper age limit as long as the person can stand alone and lie on a yoga mat.
  • It is recommended for elderly, people who had orthopaedic surgery, arthritis issues etc. A special session will be organised and we need to have at least 1 person of the household who understands good English to support the participant. For more info and to book the session, please contact Mindful Space .
  • you do NOT need to be fit, but you need to be able to sit down on the floor and stand up
  • ideally have a wall you can use as support during exercises. Alternatively have a solid chair (with no armrest and no swivel) 
  • declare any medical conditions before the session
  • not suitable for pregnant lady, those who had surgery less than 8 weeks ago, or have uncontrolled blood pressure or severe joints pain. Why? Because this is a group session we cannot adapt the exercises and the pace to your specific needs as we could in a one-on -ne session
  • prepare your set up at least 15 minutes before and check your sound (mic and speaker)
  • recommend to use bluetooth wireless airpods or similar devices
  • best to join Zoom through your fully charged phone 
  • please wear light colour clothes so the trainer can see your body movements properly
  • avoid wearing shorts or skirts. Suggest to wear long pants and a t-shirt
  • prepare a water bottle next to you
  • not suitable to do this exercise on a bed
  • reserve a full 90 minutes slot for the session
  • Participants in the same household should register separately, and each have access to their own zoom and screen

What to prepare:

  • loose, layered clothing that you can move in and be as comfortable as possible
  • yoga mat
  • water bottle 
  • journal in case you’d like to keep notes.  


These sessions provide general advice for parents' well-being, and do not substitute professional psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment (including all other medical conditions). Always seek advice from your doctor or health care professionals.

  • Complimentary

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