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Mindful Space® Pte Ltd (Reg: 201906545M001)

6-in-1 Proven Methodologies

Children learn best when there is reinforcement at home. Parents are the most influential role model.

Positive Focus® programmes

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Positive Psychology


Yoga Play

Music & Movement

Whole Brain Learning

8, 16, 24, 32 weeks option

Nurturing positive habits & inculcating life-skills set that last a lifetime for parents, educators and children!


  •  “We” not “me” 
    Perspective Taking. Communication. Kindness 


  • Never say never
    Emotional Resilience. Perseverance.  Positivity. Zest


  • Bright and Talented
    Self-Esteem. Growth Mindset. Love of Learning


  • Embrace Change
    Creativity. Self - Regulation. Gratitude 


  • Self - care
    Mind and Body Fitness. Mindfulness


  • One Year Programme (32 weeks)

Positive Babies 6 -18 months

This phase in your child's life embodies the most rapid and significant leaps in learning and development. Building a positive bond right from the start is important so your child is more likely to grow into happy, independent, and resilient adults. 

We provide exciting and creative development-boosting activities for parents and caregivers to effectively support their babies’ progress in developing a more secure sense of the world and their place within it. 

Practising positive parenting skills and nurturing a baby's multiple intelligences and a love for learning can be fun and meaningful for both parent and child! Our holistic activities are specially designed to develop well-rounded children with positive attitudes.


We also teach parents and caregivers how to cultivate a supportive environment for the child. Look forward to:

  • Rhythmic yoga-play with songs and poems

  • Basic baby sign language

  • Music and movement

  • Drama and dance

  • Musical moments

  • Mindful moments

Positive Family Class, Age 3 -6

A fun and interactive programme for family members to learn how to communicate effectively with one other. Parent-to-parent communication is just as important as parent-to-child.


Learn how to achieve congruency, maintain positive views, and project a warm and caring environment at home.

Parent / Guardian & Child Class (one adult & one child). We support quality family bonding. Guardian can be any other related family members or caretakers such as grandparents, aunties or uncles.

Positive Playgroup Toddlers, 18 - 36 months

Focus on nurturing your energetic toddlers into terrific twos! POSITIVE TOTS® specially caters to a toddler’s need to get up and move. This is the stage where toddlers learn how to regulate their own behaviour and appropriate ways to communicate their needs effectively. 

Our weekly classes empower parents with creative ways to make room for childhood experiences to unfold naturally; toddlers need to be allowed the space to initiate their own ideas and explore their creativity.

There will be a holistic variety of fun and energetic activities to promote positive development in the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical areas, and to nurture a bright and confident toddler.


Your toddler will also get to increase their focus and attention span, learn to be sensitive to boundaries, and be ready for preschool! Look forward to:

  • Reading comes alive with yoga play

  • Phonemic awareness play

  • Positive communication

  • Music and movement

  • Numeracy play

  • Drama and dance

  • Musical moments

  • Mindful moments

  • Positive communication

  • Positive discipline (appreciating boundaries).

Positive Family Class, Age 7 - 12

Our empowering weekly program is designed to teach children aged 7 -12 years with essential life-long skills through continuous practice and reinforcement.

Parent / Guardian (one adult only) join in class for the last 20minutes. We support quality family bonding. Guardian can be any other related family members or caretakers such as grandparents, aunties or uncles.

Positive Family Class, 6 months - 3 years old

Our mixed-age classes promote greater parental involvement in a child's development, especially during their formative years.


These unique classes are designed for families who wish to bring siblings to the same class. It is also an excellent opportunity for parents who want their child to interact with children of different age groups.

Parent / Guardian & Child Class (one adult & one child). We support quality family bonding. Guardian can be any other related family members or caretakers such as grandparents, aunties or uncles.

Positive Teenager, Age 13 - 18

The teenage years are amongst the most stressful stages of growth for both parent and child. From having difficulty concentrating at school, experiencing social anxiety, and consistently feeling tired and overwhelmed, teenagers may experience negative thoughts, begin to neglect their responsibilities, and radically change their eating and sleeping habits.

We recognise that these years also shape the important transition to adulthood. This is why our programme is formulated to equip teens with the necessary tools to form positive habits and strengthen mental and emotional resilience with evidence-based strategies. A teenager’s journey to find their identity does not have to be as painful as parents often think.

Our activities focus on cultivating essential coping mechanisms to help teenagers make good choices, manage peer and academic pressures, and adequately deal with societal expectations. The weekly classes will also help teenagers learn the importance of self-care while fortifying their focus, self-esteem, optimism and social-emotional skills and reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue.