Joanne Ang

Like many of us, Joanne started her yoga practice only as a form of workout that she felt was much needed for her sedentary lifestyle then.

Having danced as her co-curricular activity throughout her school days and taught biology in the early part of her career, she continued to be fascinated by the workings of our physical system: the functions and our ability to heal, the movement and the structure of the body and more. It was no wonder she was drawn to yoga. 

Seeing the significant improvements in her health and state of mind through consistent practice, Yoga became an important part of her lifestyle. With a healthier body, mind and soul, she has all the energy she needs to do the things she loves - travel, teach and of course, yoga!

With more exposure to this ancient wisdom and philosophy, she was inspired to deepen her own practice and took up her first 200-hr yoga teacher training. She has never stopped teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga ever since. As a student of yoga, she strongly believes in enjoying the practice on the mat, and this translates into her encouraging demeanour in her classes.



- RYT 200, Tirisula Singapore

- RYT 50 Vinyasa, Hee Boon

- Yoga Anatomy & Myofascial Release, Dr Bryan Lau

- Art of Adjustments, Vari Morales

- Yin Yoga Immersion, Chris Su

- Intensive Iyengar Yoga 10-day Retreat Rishikesh, Diwan Singh Bisht