As a SleepTalk® Consultant you will be able to teach parents how to use the Goulding SleepTalk® Process with their own children, or use the technique with your clients’ children.

Be an Accredited Goulding Sleeptalk® Consultant

Unit 1

Learning Outcome 1:  Analyse the framework of the Goulding process.
Learning Outcome 2: Discuss the therapeutic approach to resolving basic and primary issues and identifying brain wave frequencies:
Learning Outcome 3: Outline a frame of reference which will provide the desired changes in behaviour.
Learning Outcome 4:  Document and record a ‘Case History’.
Learning Outcome 5:  Implement a process which will provide desired changes of behaviour in a child.

Unit 2

Learning Outcome 1: Identify ‘Primary’ areas of need for the individual child.
Learning Outcome 2:  Implement a process to identify and provide desired changes of behaviour for the individual child.

Unit 3

Learning Outcome 1: Identify specific feedback.
Learning Outcome 2:  Develop appropriate suggestionsto ensure behaviour change.
Learning Outcome 3:  Describe how nutrition affects the relationship between the body and the mind.


Upon successful completion of the course and the receipt of all assignment requirements, a certification as an accredited Goulding SleepTalk® for Children Consultant will be issued.


Accredited consultants profile are registered with the SleepTalk® Consultant International Register website. Consultants are required to accept and agree to be bound by the professional Ethical Standards and Code of Practice of The Goulding Institute.

International Membership

Accredited and Registered Goulding SleepTalk® consultants can apply for full membership with International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) and International Hypnosis Federation (IHF).   


SleepTalk® for Children professional consultancy training and participation is limited to professionals who have an educational background, qualifications and experience in an appropriate field of the ‘helping professions’, e.g., Education, Clinical Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing, Health Care, Communication, Psychology,  Human Resources, Naturopathy, or Counselling would be an 


The nature and depth of applicants’ formal qualifications will vary widely, yet participants must be of mature age with a demonstrated desire to learn the techniques and strategies offered.


Program Details

Trainer: Has. A. R

Investment: $2000 nett

Duration: 3 days + 3 case study (complete within 6 months period)