"As a parent, I realised my child is a reflection of me.
It is easy to become a parent, not easy to parent well. 
We actually need to learn how to be a
positive and healthy role model.
Action speaks louder than I Love You"

Vernessa Chuah, Founder & Director

What is Mindful Space?

Mindful Space is the first parent and child physical platform in Singapore that curates holistic learning experiences - parent and child activities, kids enrichment, family programmes, parenting workshops, certified professional courses, wellness classes and more. We collaborate with experts and trainers from Singapore and around the world.

We focus on 3 core pillars:

  1. Well-being

  2. Knowledge & Skills

  3. Bonding & Learning


A parent & child platform that conducts a variety of programmes and workshops with the objective to create a
"holistic & Inclusive space to empower parent & child with life skills"

Mindful Space Platform.png

Believe in developing and balancing the child's mind (IQ), body (PQ), emotions and behaviour (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) intelligence.


Practise 30% social inclusion where we embrace children with different needs and abilities. 


Social space to support and serve parents (especially mothers).

Head space to recharge our mental strength and power,

Heart space so we are ready to accept and give,

Holding space so we can embrace and open to others, 

Personal space so we can practise self - love and care.



Empower parents, teachers and caretakers with the knowledge, skills and strength to
be a proactive, positive & respectful role model for the future generation. 
Mindfulness is about BEING, not just doing. Being in the moment with our children.


Focus on life skills that will nurture positive habits that last a lifetime.

Resilience, empathy, growth mindset, perseverance, perspective - taking, courage, and self-esteem.

Parent and Child space

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